Moron Starbucks Bomber Inspired By ‘Fight Club’

OK, the second rule of Fight Club is, don’t be a homicidal pinhead and try to imitate one of the characters from Fight Club. Kyle Shaw, the misguided teenager charged with bombing a Manhattan Starbucks on Memorial Day, said that he was inspired by the character that Brad Pitt played in the 1999 film.

No one was hurt in the May 25 attack, when a homemade explosive device police say was planted by Shaw ripped a hole in a wooden bench outside the Starbucks. And thus we learn a valuable lesson: When you attempt to imitate a movie in which Meat Loaf is a main character, expect mixed results. Well, maybe when Shaw gets out of jail the UFC can use him as training fodder. Read more…

That “Moneyball” Movie Is Back On, Apparently

If you’re anything like us, you were probably devastated to learn that the Moneyball movie had lost its funding at the last second, mainly because the idea of Brad Pitt as a general manager who uses Bloomin’ Onions to seduce waitresses is spectacularly hilarious. Luckily, we have good news.

Bloomin Onion
(A little yonic, don’t you think? No? Maybe we’re just perverts.)

As FILMDRUNK reports, the movie’s back in the works, albeit with some changes. For example, instead of being about baseball, it’s about the financial aspects of midget wrestling instead. Okay, no it isn’t. But it should be.

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Moneyball Movie Had A Sex Scene… With A Lady

Movie fans were no doubt grief-stricken at the news over the weekend that Sony Pictures axed Money Pit Moneyball, the Billy Beane biopic that, for some reason, was to star Brad Pitt. Maybe it was because they figured there’s no way a movie about sports stats would draw people to the theaters. Maybe it was because they figured there was absolutely no reason for it to cost $50 million to shoot since it’s a movie about statistics. Maybe they’re not big Oakland fans.

(So wait, the ball’s not actually made of money? Then the title makes no sense.)

So now we’re all missing out on what what was sure to be one of the finest cinematic treasures in baseball movie history, the best baseball movie since, like, The Sandlot 2. Lucky for all of us, the script (or at least one of the earlier drafts, anyway) is available online for your perusal (PDF, pops to new window). Quick hint: it gets good when they go to Outback.

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Brad Pitt as Billy Beane on Big Screen? Please, NO

VARIETY and FIRST SHOWING both report this week that Brad Pitt is set to star as A’s GM Billy Beane in a big screen adaptation of the book “Moneyball.”

Moneyball is a project setup at Sony that we first mentioned way back in March. Oscar winning screenwriter Steve Zaillian (Schindler’s List, Mission: Impossible, American Gangster) has signed on to adapt the screenplay for David Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada, Marley & Me) to direct.

Brad Pitt Kevin Spacey Billy Beane Moneyball The Movie

(OBVIOUS: Spacey a better fit than Pitt as Beane)

STRIKE ONE: OK, so the same guy who wrote the screenplay for Schindler’s List is going to do the same for a book about the Oakland A’s?

I think he might be a little better suited to an interpretation of the Royals’ last 15 seasons.

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Blog Jam: In a Pickle w/High Jumper Blanka Vlasic

Darren Rovell of CNBC finds a dilly of a delectable Olympian in Croatian high jumper Blanka Vlasic.

Blanka Vlasic Olympic high jumper

• KEZINS favors us with images of the new Madden 09 covers featuring Brett Favre in full Jets regalia.

• And YAHOO’s SHUTDOWN CORNER offers a review of the fab football video game, and shares the adventures of trying to buy a copy.

• THE SPOILER punches up news that Brad Pitt is boxing in Beijing.

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