Pro Boxer To Undergo Most Radical Of Surgeries

Go ahead and take a good look at the picture below for a second. You’re looking at the face of professional boxer and Ricky Hatton sparring partner Rob Newbiggin. At first glance, a couple of things really stand out about this picture. First, the quality - it’s a screen capture from an MSNBC profile of the boxer. Second, the head - Newbiggin appears to have “cornrows” tattooed on his dome. Makes grooming easier, whatever. Third, the nose - Newbiggin’s nose looks like it’s been broken a dozen or so times…and it probably has. Such is the life and look of a low-level pugilist who’s devoted his career to getting punched in the face.

Rob Newbiggin

But Newbiggin is not your everyday average Scouser fighter, despite the hardscrabble looks. No, Newbiggin wants something more out of life, something more than most people could experience. You see, Rob Newbiggin has decided to become a woman.

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Boxer Vernon Forrest Shot, Killed By Carjackers

Another weekend, another opportunity for the celebrity death train to keep on rolling grimly down the tracks. As children of the 1980s, we were saddened to learn of the death of You Can’t Do That On Television star Les Lye on Friday. Well, he died Thursday, but we learned about it on Friday. He was 84, so luckily he had the opportunity to live a full, rich life.

Vernon Forrest

Former champion pro boxer Vernon “The Viper” Forrest, sadly, did not. Only two weeks after former champion boxer Arturo Gatti died/was killed/committed suicide/shuffled off this mortal coil, Forrest was shot and killed Saturday night during an attempted carjacking in Atlanta.

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Blog-O-Rama: Spending October with The Captain

  • With Derek Jeter’s October wide open for the first time in 14 years, BUGS AND CRANKS provides some suggested activities to fill up the captain’s calendar.

Derek Jeter on a Boat

  • For your listening pleasure, JOSH Q PUBLIC presents a catalog of musical masterpieces performed by your favorite athletes. Maybe pleasure is the wrong word.
  • Too much Tequila can get you into a lot of trouble, boxer Joel Casamayor tells the LOS ANGELES TIMES that too much Tequila can also get you out of Cuba.
  • Upon further review…Braylon Edwards receives a speeding ticket for driving 120 miles per hour - three weeks ago - DEADSPIN.

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Mitch ‘Blood’ Green at 51: Still Eloquent, Still Bitter

Mitch “Blood” Green, the former boxer best known for being beaten by Mike Tyson both in and out of the ring in the late 80s, spoke with THE SWEET SCIENCE for a phone interview this week; proving that Green is not only still alive but he also owns a telephone.

Mitch Blood Green and Mike Tyson

The guy pictured above falling victim to Tyson’s fist, from their 1986 bout in Madison Square Garden, is now 51 years old. But his age is getting in the way of his desire to…wait for it…get back in the ring.

The former gang leader turned boxer doesn’t even care what shape the ring is either. He’s willing to step in to an octagon, although I’m sure he really knew there was a difference. When asked about his future plans, He tells TSS, “Ultimate fighting, wrestling, whatever.

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