Detroit Paper Salutes Carr For “Bobby Dobb” Win

The DETROIT FREE PRESS was so excited about Lloyd Carr winning a coach-of-the-year trophy, that they misspelled the award:

Bobby Dodd wrong headline

What they meant to say was the Bobby DODD award, named after the former Georgia Tech coach who apparently was pretty good at the game.

Carr said he was “deeply honored and humbled” to receive the award when he was interviewed during halftime of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl - or if you’re a Freep headline writer, the Flick-Chill-A.

Last year’s winner was Fake Whorest coach Jim Grodde…er, Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe.

The Dobby Bodd…er, Boddy Bobb…er, Bobby Dodd award comes as one last tribute the retiring Michigan coach. Carr will be leading the Wolverines for the last time on New Year’s Day in the Capital One Bowl, when they face Bourbon Rider & the Gloryda Flators…um, Urban Meyer & the Florida Gators.

Urban Meyer Florida Fans

Man, that Freep fouling-up thing is catching.

Ticket Selling Site Lists “Ohio State Wolverines”

THE ANGRY T believes that any Buckeyes fans buying tickets from this ticket selling site are nuts:

Ohio State Wolverines

The text of the screenshot from the site reads: The 2008 BCS NCAA National Championship Game will make it’s debut at the Louisiana Superdome, in New Orleans, LA. The LSU Tiger will be playing the Ohio State Wolverines.”

So, not only do they have the name wrong, they also advertise that only one tiger will be showing up. That’s kind of dangerous.

We can’t wait to get our Rose Bowl tickets for the USC Bruins against the Illinois Hoosiers. While we’re at it, maybe we can pick up a pair of courtside seats for the Los Angeles Celtics against the San Antonio Mavericks.

Now we know where to go next spring if we want to see the Boston Yankees.

Carr Still Has One More Michigan Game To Coach

With all the hoopla around the Les Miles misadventures, the Greg Schiano shunning and the Rich Rodriguez reel-in, many fans may have forgotten that Lloyd Carr still has one more game to coach for the Maize & Blue:

Lloyd Carr yelling

The DETROIT FREE PRESS follows up on the retiring Michigan coach as he wanders the Wolverine sidelines for the last time on January 1, when he faces Florida in the Capital One Bowl in Orlando.

And it might be just Lloyd against the Gators, since new guy Rodriguez fired all of Carr’s assistants, before retaining running backs coach Fred Jackson.

Despite all the drama, Carr insists that the bowl game’s media attention not be centered on him:

I want this to be about this team….There’s been a lot of things happening in the past month and there’s also a lot of things that happen at a bowl site. We want the players to have a good time and we want to have a good time, but it’s the age-old story of trying to prepare for a bowl game.”

Rich Rodriguez West Virginia thumbs up

Lucky for Rich, he doesn’t have that problem.

Up To 25 Florida State Players Possibly Suspended From Music City Bowl

SEMINOLES COULD SUSPEND UP TO 25 FROM BOWL GAME: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that up to 25 Florida State players may be suspended from playing in this year’s Music City Bowl - if not longer.

Chief Osceola Florida State Test Cheating

The suspensions seem to stem from an earlier cheating scandal uncovered at the Tallahassee school back in September.Although two football players have already been penalized, the new suspensions may mean more cheaters were found among the Seminoles’ sidelines.

Florida State is scheduled to face Kentucky on December 31. Spending New Year’s Eve in Nashville may not be fun for FSU, but there should be better ways of getting out of it than this.