Boston Globe To Become Subsidiary Of Red Sox?

It came out a while back that the NEW YORK TIMES, whose publishing company also owns the BOSTON GLOBE and a few other newspapers, was thinking of shutting the Globe down without $20 million in concessions from the labor unions there. Fun stuff, that.

(Soon to be Boston Globe Park? Or will Bostonians pick up “The Daily Fenway” every morning?)

The company also owns a minority share of the Boston Red Sox, for some reason, and they’ve been trying to sell that stake for months, citing the fact that the company is just hemorraging money at this point (delivery costs are so high, for example, that it would make more sense to just give their customers Kindles). According to the BOSTON HERALD, Red Sox owner John Henry, ever the gentleman, has an idea to help simplify the Times‘ situation by relieving them of their share of the franchise… and of the Globe: Read more…

T.O.’s Latest Tirade: Romo OK, Keyshawn’s Crap

Don’t forget - we’re live blogging tonight’s Angels-Red Sox game at 10 pm ET.

Terrell Owens trades the object of his irritation from Tony Romo to Keyshawn Johnson.

Tony Romo Terrell Owens Keyshawn Johnson

• Guess blackouts do work, after all. Just ask the White Sox and Middle Tennessee State. But don’t ask Georgia.

Ty Willingham likes his Huskies’ chances this year. Um, should someone tell him Washington is 0-4 already?

• For a 3rd place finish in the AL East, Yankees GM Brian Cashman is awarded with a new three-year, $6 million deal.

• Always wondered what’s written on those NFL QB wristbands? The Boston Globe finds out - and wishes they didn’t.

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The Boston Globe Is Sorry About Your Small Penis

Quick show of hands, how many of you know who Kevin O’Connell is? Don’t worry about it, I didn’t know either until about five minutes ago. Of course, in those five minutes I’ve been aware of O’Connell’s existence, I’ve learned quite a bit about the young man. First and foremost, he’s a backup quarterback on the New England Patriots.   Secondly, I learned that Kevin has a tiny penis.

Kevin O'Connell

The picture above ran in the BOSTON GLOBE on Sunday, and at first it seems rather harmless. Hey, there’s a guy throwing a pass in practice. How awesome. But if you take the time to do some investigating, you might notice something off about O’Connell’s wristband. If you can’t read it, check out the larger version after the jump.

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