High School Teaches Math with Fantasy Football

For those of you who think you went to the awesomest high school ever just because it had a big lawn and that drama teacher was just so neat, time to back up off it, because Bay Cove Academy is about to blow your mind. Fantasy football… in math class.

Jesus Football
(Like your football fantasy isn’t tackling Jesus on a veer option)

For real. Now these kids can start getting good grades just by sitting down every Sunday and watching some football. I tried that in college, and I just ended up drunk all the time. The WALL STREET JOURNAL has more: Read more…

Blog-O-Palooza: Blogs Are Taking Over The World

  • Ryan Parker is back with his latest song, an ode to sports blogs in the wake of the Will Leitch/Buzz Bissinger fiasco. We were happy to be mentioned.

Buzz Bissinger Will Leitch Costas Now

  • ODENIZED has his take on the Bruce Bowen - Chris Paul mini-melee from last night’s game (with video). Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Vintage Marlboro NFL Animated Ad

Keeping on the cancer stick shtick, KISSING SUZY KOLBER and WE ARE THE POSTMEN enjoy the smooth flavor of this classic Marlboro commercial for the NFL:

UMPBUMP has the shattering news of Astros outfielder Hunter Pence losing his fight with a sliding glass door.

FOOD COURT LUNCH jabs us wit their punchable faces of Chris Berman.

WICKED GOOD SPORTS gives some tips to their Beantown brethren on how to avoid the stereotype of “that Boston fan“.

MR. IRRELEVANT shows off proof that Dmitri Young had the same off-season workout regiment as Josh Beckett:

Dmitri Young Washington Nationals fat

Read more…

Super Win Will Sour Super Tuesday For Bostoners

The BOSTON HERALD reports that the city of Boston and the Patriots have the bright idea to stage a Super Bowl victory parade, if the Pats win, next Tuesday through the heart of The Bean.

Tom Brady Patriots Parade

(Who cares? Mitt’s screwed either way!)

Next Tuesday also happens to be Super Tuesday, and the parade will no doubt be a logistical nightmare for voters. Most notably elderly and disabled lever-pullers.

The BH notes, “furious elderly and disabled groups stunned by the city’s plans to hold a Super Bowl parade on Super Tuesday fear floods of fans will form an offensive line for frail voters at polling stations.

The Pats are apparently adamant about holding the parade on Tuesday. But their reason for the scheduling move doesn’t exactly justify the obvious inconvenience it will cause Bostoners. Read more…

Sports Network Looking For Laughs In New Show

THE BOSTON HERALD laughs at news of the local sports cable channel trying their hand at humor.

Red Sox Dice K laugh

(Dice K’s yuking it up already)

“NESN Comedy All-Stars” is hoping hilarity will ensue for Boston fans this summer. The program will feature no-name local comedians doing sports-themed stand-up routines, taped in front of a live audience (tickets still available!), along with other pre-recorded skits & segments.

What kind of comedy can viewers expect?

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