Wooooooo! Golf! Wooooooo! Take That, Europe!

Day two of the Ryder Cup is well underway, after a Friday that featured the plucky underdog American team of multi-millionaires in matching polos taking a sizable early lead over Europe’s group of more stylish, but equally wealthy, ball-whackers.

Mickelson, Tiger, and Davis Love get excited about golf

And what an electric atmosphere it was. Middle aged white guys from all over the country have descended upon Louisville’s Valhalla Golf Club to rock the house, going as far as nearly creating actual excitement. Which, of course, rankled the Euros, who apparently believe the sport should remain a solemn exercise in tedium. C’mon guys, politely and respectfully bomb those chaps back to the stone age! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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Padres Rookies Turned Into Horrid Hooters Girls

• In the most horrible of MLB hazings, the Padres’ rookies get dressed up as Hooters Girls. Isn’t playing for San Diego embarrassing enough already?

Padres rookies dressed as Hooters girls

*Editor’s note: We’re sorry for sharing such a terrifying image. Please enjoy the following photo as a token of our sincerest apologies:

SbB Girls Vanessa Hillary Kim  at Las Vegas Hooters

(SbB Girls Vanessa, Hillary and Kim make it all better)

Ron Artest says Josh Howard’s stunning comments about the Star-Spangled Banner are an indictment of America’s education system.

• What do you do when your team sucks & no one’s coming out to the games? If you’re the Washington Nationals, you cut payroll by $20 million.

• Staying in the District, Agent Zero will be out of action until December, as Gilbert Arenas needs knee surgery again.

• No Tiger at the Ryder? No problem, as long as Boo Weekley is around to cause chuckles around the course.

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In Tiger’s Absence at Ryder Cup, Boo’s The Man

Boo Weekley’s aw-shucks, fun-loving ways are All-American, but he just may be a better social fit with the hard partying Europeans during this week’s Ryder Cup. He’s already produced a bevy of quotes in the run-up to the annual woodshedding of American golfers. Maybe he’ll even help produce a rare victory.

How’s a discussion about hunting, pants and silk undies, for starters?

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