Caribou Barbie Mentions Phillies, Gets Booed

Hey, it’s another politics post! If this offends your sensibilities, we suggest you go¬†here or here instead. Especially if you’re a Republican. UPDATE: Video after the jump.

Sarah Palin
(I’m so happy to be here at Auburn! Roll Tide!)

In the waning days before the Presidential election, most pundits agee that John McCain’s election strategy necessarily depends on winning Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. The McCain camp is spending most of its time and resources in the state, even though they have less than a week to make up a, let’s say, 7-10% deficit. McCain and his VP nominee, Sarah Palin, need to be absolutely perfect in their efforts in Pennsylvania between now and Tuesday, as any failure would be disastrous.

I think you can figure out exactly where this story’s going. Read more…