Shawn Johnson Stalker Caught at ‘Dancing’ Studio

• Some overly-obsessed 34-year-old tried to abduct Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson during a “Dancing With The Stars” taping.

Shawn Johnson Olympic leap

• A girls’ HS basketball team roughs up a roster of Dallas radio guys.

• Apocalypse now? Isiah Thomas could be put in charge of the Clippers.

• White Sox closer Bobby Jenks doesn’t read, but really likes his rear.

• This giveaway’s a gas: Minor league team plans to hand out fart filters.

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Woman Says Eagles Fired Her For Having Cancer

Bonnie Grant used to be a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia Eagles who spent a lot of her time with the team trying to raise awareness of breast cancer through the team’s Tackling Breast Cancer organization. I say she used to be a spokeswoman because back in 2007 she was fired by the team. Or at least that’s her side of the story.

bonnie grant eagles breast cancer

In a lawsuit filed on Saturday, Grant claims that she was let go from the job without warning because of the fact she’s a woman, and that she also has breast cancer herself.

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