Bambi Murderer Bonds Finally Lands Endorsement

As if you didn’t have enough reasons for hating Barry Bonds: now he’s gone and killed Bambi’s mom. The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE reports that the disgraced home run king has become a celebrity endorser for Christensen Arms, a maker of high-powered hunting rifles. And a video on their Web site shows him in Canada, shooting and killing a “monster whitetail.”

Barry Bonds and his big game

(Forget Nike, Vitaminwater & Under Armour. How ’bout a bullet to the head?)

Because there’s no way to show your respect for something pure and beautiful like methodically destroying it, all while having a big, self-satisfied grin on your face. But enough about how Bonds totally ruined any last fabric of purity left in baseball, we’re here to talk about him shootin’ something.

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