Could BCS Data Be Wrong Yet Go Unchecked? Yes

With the accuracy of BCS rankings data so critical to so many millions of people, it goes without saying that the complex computations should be part of an open, accountable and verifiable system that can be checked by virtually anyone.

BCS rankings error

(How would we know the rankings are wrong? Left to BCS, we wouldn’t)

So, if there was ever a mistake made, a mistake that could actually cost an entire conference its BCS automatic qualifier status, it would be acknowledged and corrected instantly.

If only that system existed.

BCS and RPI guru Jerry Palm reports today that the latest BCS rankings were, in fact, inaccurate. And no one at the BCS - or ESPN- or the NCAA knew about it. Turns out that no one ever checks to see if the BCS data is wrong, except for informal inspections by Palm himself.

Mistakes happen. But this mistake, and how it has been subsequently handled by the offending parties, is unforgiveable.

Palm: Read more…

Video: Did Boise St. Actually Miss Late Field Goal?

I was very dubious when the initial call was made at the end of regulation thanks to Nevada’s patented 1983 Southwest Conference Tony Franklin-brand uprights.

 Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman Video Missed Field Goal

But after examining the closeup video in slow motion several times, it appears Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman pushed the 26-yard field goal attempt to his right.
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WACK: Conference Unmoved By Boise’s Brutality?

Today Jay Christensen of pointed me to a video of Boise State safety Jason Robinson blindsiding Louisiana Tech kicker Matt Nelson on a kickoff during the Broncos-Bulldogs game last week.

(WAC office calls hit “cheap” but provides no punishment)

After the Oct. 28 game, writer Jonathan Ford reported “Tech officials spoke with WAC Conference Commissioner Karl Benson and the WAC’s Supervisor of Officials” about the blind strike from behind. A week later, reportedly with no response from the conference office, Tech once again followed up with Benson.

While Benson has not issued a public statement on the matter, a current WAC head football coach informed me today that action regarding the incident has indeed taken place.

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Oregon State Paints Practice Field Blue For Boise

In preparation for a visit to Boise State this Saturday, Oregon State head football coach Mike Riley Tweeted a photo of his team’s practice field at the Tommy Prothro Football Complex in Corvallis, Ore., being painted blue: “Getting the practice field ready for Boise State.

Oregon State paints practice field blue in prep for Boise State

George Schroeder of the EUGENE (OR) REGISTER-GUARD reports, “Oregon State’s temporarily blue practice field required 440 gallons of paint (a white coat, then blue).”

Oregon State paints practice field blue in prep for Boise State


At $25 gallon, that’s an $11,000 paint job. UPDATE: Schroeder now reporting, “180 gallons, diluted to 440.“($4,500, plus labor.) The money for the paint and labor came, according to Schroeder, from an “anonymous donor.

Boise State is well-known for its blue field, which was first installed at Broncos Stadium in 1986 and most recently replaced last summer.

Here’s some video of the blue practice field from Oregon State sports site Read more…

Nick Saban: Latest Shot At Boise Is Lamest Yet

On his weekly radio show on WFFN-FM in Tuscaloosa last night, Nick Saban said of Boise State competing for a national championship:

Nick Saban Dolphins

“It’s the full body of work. It’s not just that you can beat one team, but if you have to beat six or seven other teams and have to play with consistency to do it, I think that goes a long way in saying a lot about what kind of football team that you have. And that’s no disrespect that you have, because they may certainly be able to do the same thing if they were put in that circumstance.”

In an attempt to illustrate his point, Saban noted Alabama’s championship run last year. After the Crimson Tide defeated Virginia Tech in its 2009 opener, Saban said Alabama defeated, “six other teams (during the regular season) that were the caliber of Virginia Tech, or maybe better.

Last season Virginia Tech went 10-3 and blew out Tennessee in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. The Hokies beat Nebraska, routed Miami and crushed Boston College.

Here’s Bama’s 2009 schedule:

2009 Alabama Football Schedule

Sooo, where exactly are those six teams on Bama’s 2009 schedule that are the “caliber” of Virginia Tech? (We know Tennessee isn’t, as the Hokies dismantled the Vols in a bowl game.) Read more…

Report: Mountain West Adds Boise St. To League

ESPN’s Joe Schad reports Friday that the Mountain West conference will add Boise State as a league member.

Boise State will be announced as the next member of the Mountain West Conference on Friday, a source with direct knowledge of the pending move told ESPN’s Joe Schad.

MWC commissioner Craig Thompson hinted at an expansion announcement on Thursday amid news of Colorado’s move from the Big 12 to the Pac-10.

Some may read into this that the MWC made the move after recognizing that other schools, like perhaps Kansas, would not be available as expansion candidates. But I’m not so sure a school like Kansas ever was a candidate to join the Mountain West anyway. Read more…

Idaho AD Has Had Enough Of Boise State’s Plane

This past Monday, Boise State became the fifth college sports program (and the first outside the BCS) to get their team’s logo on an airplane; they joined the Pac-10 members in Oregon and Washington as partners with Horizon Air.

Boise State Airplane for the lulz
(Waaaaait a minute. A twin prop? You couldn’t even get your logo on a real jet? Boise, Boise, Boise…)

Unfortunately, not everybody who’s going to fly in that plane is a Boise State fan. That ordinarily wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but when we’re in the middle of a season, fans of the Broncos’ opponents may take a bit of offense. ADs of the Broncos opponents, then, are really not going to stand for this crap. And thus we find Idaho AD Rob Spear, taking the most principled stand in history.

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ESPN’s Diversity Training Certainly Is Paying Off

Bob Griese is back after serving his one-week sentence for speculating on the gastronomic predilections of Juan Pablo Montoya - working today’s Iowa-Northwestern game.

ESPN Graphics Fail Cade Glasgow Lousiana Tech

Admirable move by ESPN to make a statement about the proper promotion of diversity in sports.  But last night, a graphics guy on Louisiana Tech-Boise State broadcast might’ve gone a little overboard on that front.

What A Surprise: Boise State Still Can’t Get A Date

Okay, we’re thinking of a football conference over by the West Coast, where one team enjoys a seemingly perpetual stranglehold on the conference, routinely running the table or slipping once to an opponent who had no shot at the title. Are we talking about the Pac-10 and USC in the Pete Carroll era (minus this year, of course)… or the WAC and Boise State in the same time span?

Boise State Statue of Liberty
(”Give me liberty or a decent schedule or whatever!”)

The difference between the two teams, however, is that USC can get pretty much anyone, anywhere, at any time. Whether it’s money or influence or just the opportunity to have USC on your schedule, whatever. They’re never hurting for opponents. Boise State, on the other hand, can’t fill their 2011 schedule with a decent opponent, and it’s been this way for years.

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LeGarrette Blount Suspension Isn’t So Year-Long

Say, remember how LeGarrette Blount crapped the bed harder than you’d ever seen anyone in college football ever crap a bed in your life? In the span of one game on awful blue turf (and one very eventful postgame), Blount went from a strong contender for first-team all-Pac-10, high draft choice and darkhorse Heisman candidate to a man whose season would end with 6 more suspensions than rushing yards - and he only got suspended once. Shortly thereafter, Chip Kelly announced that Blount’s suspension was to last the season, and that was that on the senior’s collegiate career.

Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount punches Boise State DE Byron Hout
(”Welcome to Paintown. Allow me to introduce you to Mayor McHellfist.”)

But that wasn’t, in fact, that. It never is, really. Despite being a suspended senior with no ostensible hope of playing another meaningful down for Oregon, Blount was never kicked off the team. He began the apology parade shortly thereafter, and even met with the original face-wrecker of sports, Kermit Washington. And lo and behold, just as we mused this afternoon in light of his published apology to the OREGON DAILY EMERALD, Kelly’s about to take the next step toward bringing Blount back in a few weeks. You could just knock us over with a feather, really.

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