Media Now Addicted To Tiger Sex Clinic Fantasies

I’ve pretty much stopped debunking the bogus Tiger Woods stories that the gossips and shameless main media have been trying to pass off on us to keep the flame alive.

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But with an exasperated reporter for the ASSOCIATED PRESS descending on Hattiesburg this week to vet yet another bogus tale of Woods attending a sex addiction clinic in the area, it’s time for me to share why the story is manufactured fantasy.

The afternoon of January 14, I was scrolling through Tiger Woods news alerts when I came upon this post from an obscure boxing site called

First Tiger Woods Southern Mississippi Sex Addict Clinic Report is currently pursuing a report that golf icon Tiger Woods has entered the Pine Grove Mental Health Facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 8CN is in the process of confirming the authenticity of these reports from Hattiesburg.

No idea what the site meant by “reports” - as that was the first mention of the story anywhere. (I do have an email into them.)

There’s been no follow to the boxing site’s post, but later that night WLBT-TV in Jackson reported:

Have Tiger Woods’ troubles led him to the Magnolia State? Sources tell WLBT Sports that Woods is currently checked into the Pine Grove mental health facility center in Hattiesburg.

WLBT’s short on-air report was posted on the website the next day, January 15. Once the NBC affiliate’s report was posted online and started showing up on Google News searches, various other main media outlets picked up the story.

Finally, the story went live worldwide when reported January 15 (post now timestamped incorrectly as Jan. 16):

Tiger Woods is getting treatment at a top sex addiction program in Hattiesburg, Miss., sources have told exclusively.

The troubled golf great checked into Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services, sources say.

Absolutely no difference between the original post on the obscure boxing site and RadarOnline’s report. Every single thing you have read about this story since derived from that tiny website post and five days later there hasn’t been one shred of evidence presented by anyone to suggest the story is true.

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E! News though did present an interesting follow to the story. The cable channel claimed to quote a 19-year-old woman named Adrian Smith who said she had spotted Woods at the Hattiesburg airport.

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