Sprinter’s Workouts Outdraw The Florida Marlins?

The amazing thing about Belgian bodybuilding champ Sarah De Herdt — besides the fact that she has pulled off the rare track & field-slash-bodybuilder-slash-porn star trifecta — is that she publicizes her workouts, and evidently attracts quite a crowd. In fact, the next one is expected to draw in excess of 20,000 people.

Sarah Deherdt

I had heard of De Herdt the bodybuilder, but had no idea that she was also a successful sprinter, and in her spare time enjoyed filming porn. The folks over at DON CHAVEZ.COM got hold of some pictures and, well, let’s just say that you don’t want to view them while you’re at work. Unless you work on a pirate ship.

More photos following the jump.

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Craig Sager’s Son Is Starting To Scare Us A Bit

It’s postseason baseball on TBS these days, which means we get to enjoy yet another season of Craig Sager wandering around on our television in his eye-scalding multi-colored horrorcoats, asking athletes and coaches tough questions like “How’s that going out there?” or “Is this game important to you?” But there’s something you probably didn’t know about him: he has a son - also named Craig - on the Georgia football team. As in the SEC. And Spawn of Sager is a little unsettling.

Craig Sager Junior Hulked Out

You’re probably wondering why you hadn’t heard of a Craig Sager on such a high-profile program like the Georgia Bulldogs. The SEC was made for celebrities, after all! Turns out, he’s a walk-on and on Georgia’s scout team. He, um… he may not have been very highly recruited, as it turns out.

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Bodybuilders Beat Cheeks When Drug Cops Arrive

Over the past several years, a pattern of similarities has emerged among American athletes who have been caught using performance-enhancing substances like steroids. Namely, they took the drug test required by their respective sport in the first place. What a mistake! Just think - if only Manny Ramirez had run out of the room when asked to pee in MLB’s cup, he never would have tested positive for female fertility drugs and Los Angeles would still be littered with Mannywood billboards.


If that scenario seems a little far-fetched (OK, completely ridiculous), then you obviously haven’t been following European bodybuilding as closely as you should. If you had been following it like you should, you would’ve learned how to approach the “pee-in-a-cup” event of the Belgian bodybuilding championships like a true champion: running away as fast as possible.

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Bodybuilding Brother Bus-Tosses Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire used a ton of performance-enhancing drugs during his baseball career. Everybody knows it without really knowing it; between the unprecedented power, the rapid muscle growth, and the fiffin in front of Congress, there was no rational explanation for his behavior other than “roid roid roid.” But at the same time, nobody except for half-man, half-cartoon Jose Canseco has ever claimed to be there when the usage went down, so there’s that shred of ambiguity. Where’s the stone-solid proof that puts McGwire in direct contact with steroids?

Jay McGwire Flexxxx
(Here it is!)

Unfortunately for McGwire, that aforementioned shred of ambiguity can be sold for an unholy amount of money, and that’s something that his brother Jay understands very well. According to DEADSPIN (also the source of the picture above), Jay plans to write and sell a book called The McGwire Family Secret (we’re really hoping that’s a working title) that describe’s Jay’s personal involvement with Mark’s entrance and journey into the world of PED’s. And you’re probably wondering, “but are there embarrassing anecdotes and family-rending accusations?” Boy howdy, are there ever. Excerpts are after the jump.

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Blog Jam: Houston Rockets Acquire A Space Cadet

  • SLAM ONLINE has the scoop that Kings and Rockets are finalizing a deal to send Ron Artest to Houston. Not only does this move bring a guy who isn’t from this planet to a team called the Rockets, but it will also give Clutch City a third offensive option. Additionally, the trade brings in a brand of crazy Houston hasn’t seen since Carl Everett left town in 1999.

    Ron Artest Globe

  • BUSTED COVERAGE breaks down the differences between the Cleveland Browns’ quarterbacks, Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn.“The backup will shill for Subway and Hummer. The starter doesn’t have time for endorsements because he has an actual job.”
  • You may think they’re just really big guys in really small shorts but bodybuilders have an artistic side to them as well. URLESQUE has compiled 10 of the greatest choreographed bodybuilding routines. One of the videos from this countdown is rolling after the jump. Read more…

Danica Patrick Gets A Little Racy For SI Photo Op

Our off-the-cuff comments never need defending. (The 222s certainly help.)

• Racer Danica Patrick gets ever racier by posing topless for SI:

Danica Patrick photo SI

• While the mag convinced the delectable driver to show some skin, it won’t be covering Tiger Woods as Jesus.

John Rocker says he & A-Rod got steroid advice from the Texas Rangers.

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