Cancer Patient Inspires Nwestern Lacrosse Legacy

• The Northwestern Wildcats women’s lacrosse team has won five straight national titles - thanks in part to the inspiration of honorary teammate & young cancer survivor Jaclyn Murphy.

Northwestern lacrosse team and Jaclyn Murphy

• Ladies & gentlemen of the jury, Plaxico Burress would like to have a little chat with you.

• A high school cheerleader is suing after her coach logged in to her Facebook account & then kicked her off the team.

• Current Viking & former Bear Bobby Wade sez Brian Urlacher doesn’t think new Chicago QB Jay Cutler is all that manly.

• The Big 12 Conference is looking to move their football championship game to the new Cowboys Stadium…permanently!

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Did Urlacher Call Jay Cutler The Dreaded P-Word?

When it comes to athletics, there is one dreaded word that can start fights between the best of friends, one single accusation that calls into question everything that makes an athlete what he is. Remember “The Sandlot”’s pivotal “You play baseball like a girl!” insult? Take that to its logical, profane, adult conclusion and you see where the nastiest fistfights come from.

kitty Urlacher Cutler

(What? This is just a little kitty cat. One that Chicago may or may not have severely overpaid for.)

Yes, [FIVE-LETTER EUPHEMISM FOR FEMALE GENITALIA REDACTED] is one word you don’t bandy about lightly (right, Tony Bernazard?); it’s almost as bad as the severest of racial slurs, the Neutron Bomb. So if what Vikings receiver Bobby Wade said is true, then former teammate Brian Urlacher’s probably got some ’splaining to do to his new quarterback, Jay Cutler.

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