Police Shoot Unarmed Son Of Ex-Baseballer Tolan

Most of us do not have the temperament to be a police officer. It takes an enormous amount of bravery to wear the badge and uniform and to be ready at all times for some sh*t to go down at a moment’s notice. As stressful jobs go, it’s somewhere between … actually, I can’t think of anything more stressful.

Robbie Tolan
(Robbie Tolan, demonstrating the difference between “unarmed” and “armless”)

But sometimes, when a rubber band is taut for too long, it snaps. Likewise, the stress of a situation can make an officer snap, and like with the rubber band, you do not want to be in the immediate area when it happens. Case in point: Robbie Tolan, a 23-year-old minor leaguer and son of longtime OF/1B Bobby Tolan. Robbie was with a cousin, coming back to his parents’ house after running to Jack In The Box late at night. But a policeman thought Robbie’s car was stolen (it wasn’t), and when the confusion of the situation set in, Robbie ended up with a bullet in his liver. (By that, of course, I mean he was shot by police; it’s not like they forced him to drink it or anything.)

Unsurprisingly, the incident has sparked outrage throughout the family and community. Read more…