Bobby Murcer’s Passing, Brought to You by Nike

We will leave final All-Star ruminations to Brooks when he can brog himself out of bed this morning, but he did send a picture from the game that was buried in all 87 hours of coverage of last night’s contest. Therefore, we present again: Bobby Murcer’s death, sponsored by Nike. Nike: Stop doing it.

Yankee Stadium Bobby Mercer Nike tribute

As one of the commenters pointed out in last night’s liveblog, Murcer’s taped tribute didn’t get air time until extra innings. At first, we thought perhaps Joe Buck ran out of time while trying to get through all the names of the middle managers in MLB Accounting (keeping the books at a toasty 425 degrees since 1947!). However, now we wonder if Nike held rights to Mercer tributes through the first nine innings.
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Blog-O-Rama: Saying Goodbye to Bobby Murcer

Bobby Murcer

  • THE BIG LEAD gives us the scoop on a brawl at Florida high school football exhibition game.
  • DEADSPIN digs up a video of UFC star Forrest Griffin as a high school football player with no real regard for the saftey of his cranium.
  • BUSTED COVERAGE finds the man who put the “X” in Texas.
  • ESPN THE MAGAZINE goes inside the house of a bobble head collector who spent his birthday in Bridgeport, CT picking up the Tommy John Bobble Arm doll.
  • TAMPA BAY.COM dusts Pat Summerall off to countdown their top 25 Super Bowl moments.

Blog-A-Roni: Amy Police In Trouble With The Law

• BUSTED COVERAGE reports a Police woman getting in trouble for flashing her highbeams at a Spring Break crowd.

Amy Police Ohio State student

That would be Walsh University volleyball player Amy Police.

• A blogger for LAKELAND FLYING TIGERS BLOG takes part in Detroit’s open baseball tryouts, and lives to write about it.

• Speaking of life-changing experiences, ESPN’s Pat Forde pens about his portrayal as the Stanford Tree.

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