Pic: River Flood Threatens LSU Campus, Stadium

Today the official Facebook page of Louisiana State University posted this ominous photo of the Mississippi River:

Mississippi flood waters threatening Baton Rouge, LSU campus, Tiger Stadium

(Mappage of spillways north of Baton Rouge)

The photo was taken atop the Baton Rouge levee, just a few hundred feet from the LSU campus and less than a mile from Tiger Stadium.

WWL-AM in New Orleans reports that to reduce possible flooding in the heavily populated areas around the Mississippi River, the Army Corps of Engineers will soon open the Morganza flood control structure, which is 39 miles north of Baton Rouge. 

From WWL:

The governor said the river flow is barely below the threshold to open the Morganza structure now, and will hit it this weekend.
“We are expected to reach that trigger on Saturday or Sunday, based on the volume of water,” said (Governor Bobby) Jindal

“What that means is, that it now looks like they will reach that trigger, it is likely we’ll get that decision from the corps, sometime between Saturday and Tuesday.”

Mississippi flood waters threatening Baton Rouge, LSU campus, Tiger Stadium

He said during Tuesday’s briefing that once the spillway is open, floodwater could be flowing around Morgan City and into the Gulf of Mexico in three days.  He said and estimated 2,500 people live in the flood plain, but thousands more could be affected by backwater flooding.

Above is another image from the Army Corps of Engineers that details the expected Louisiana flood plain from the Mississippi River in the coming days.

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La. Pays Golf Course $4 Mil For Unplayed Rounds

There’s no sense in repeating that we’re in some harsh economic times. (Oops, I just repeated it. My apologies.) Anyway, many Americans down on their luck & facing uncertain financial futures of their own have been fuming about big companies like AIG getting generous government handouts while they spend cash on wasteful & extravagant endeavors.

Caddyshack gopher

Now the perturbed public can add a new economic enemy to their list: golf courses. Specifically, golf courses receiving $4 million in state government funds for rounds not played.

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Packers Will Take Your “Cold” And Lower You 32°

LSUSports.net reports on the BCS Championship celebration at Baton Rouge’s Tiger Stadium for the LSU Tigers today. The headline for the story is “Thousands Brave Cold to Attend Championship Celebration“.

Lesticles LSU Less Miles Fan

(Nothing to do with post - couldn’t resist)

By cold, they meant “temperatures hovering in the 30s“(somewhere in Green Bay a Packer Backer is laughing while stocking up on Pocket Shots for the game Sunday).

The only reason we’re really posting about the celebration was this quote from Governor Bobby Jindal, who currently presides over possibly the most corrupt state in the history of the union: “They showed the nation that Louisiana is No. 1 in the entire country. We will be No. 1 not only in sports. We will be No. 1 in jobs, ethics, roads and schools as well.

No. 1 in ethics? Well it is true that the Nick Saban has officially left the state.