Jason Taylor Done Dancing, Dolphins Done w/Him?

We hope to someday see suburban banners showing SbB some love, too.

Jason Taylor: Finished “Dancing”, now also finished with the Dolphins?

Jason Taylor Edyta Sliwinska dancing

• We’d smash through glass to check out Hunter Pence’s nudie girlfriend.

• A toast to ESPN analyst Rick Sutcliffe for kicking cancer’s ass!

Cris Carter wanted to take Will Leitch out. But isn’t he married?

Mindy McCready movie moves to clear up cuddling with Clemens.

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Beware Hebert’s Wandering Eye In Gang Showers

Zach at THE BIG PICTURE today recounts a recent evening hangin’ (out) with Bobby Hebert. The reason for the rendezvous is not given, but some of Hebert’s activities and anecdotes are detailed. Including this doozy:

Bobby Hebert

The one about the guy who was hung like a clydesdale. Get this: apparently this guy’s wang wouldn’t fit in his jock, and if he had it going down his leg he couldn’t run. So he taped it to his hip, and one time he got hit in the side. He came off the field in agony, and everyone thought it was a hip pointer, until he said “I got my d— taped over here and it just got crushed.”

Zach’s a reliable source, so I’ll go with him on that one. The story reminds me of a beaten into the ground recurring bit on Dan Le Batard’s Miami radio show (WAXY-AM) about Julio Franco’s monstrous manhood.

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