Video: Ozzie Guillen y Carlos Zambrano Por Pepsi

As the Windy City Series gets underway at Wrigley today, Ozzie Guillen managed to have a hearty laugh at some Cubs fans selling shirts that make a mini-mockery of his Hispanic heritage. After such grand guffawing, one is bound to be bedeviled by a parched throat. Hey, Ozzie, how ’bout a Pepsi?

And look who’s co-starring in the commercial with the White Sox manager - it’s none other than Cubs hurler Carlos Zambrano. And even Bobby Abreu makes a last-second cameo.

Ahhh, muy refrescante!

As for the offensive shirts, Ozzie really does get the last laugh - at least for today.

Angels And Red Sox Pretend To Brawl; 4 Ejected

Some say spring starts with the vernal equinox, or maybe the first robin of the year, or maybe even Opening Day. Ninja please. Nothing says spring has sprung until baseball players start fighting like schoolgirls near the pitcher’s mound.

Anchorman brawl
(Now these guys know how to put on a brawl.)

The Angels and Red Sox were eager to play that part today, as a Josh Beckett pitch over Bobby Abreu’s head set off a weird quasi-melee that eventually led to four ejections… none of whom were Beckett or Abreu. In fact, the main offender was, for some reason, Torii Hunter.

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Speed Read: NFL Commish Feels Your Fiscal Pain

Quiet night in sports as the NBA gears up for the All-Star weekend in Phoenix (first round of stories: “Hey, it gets cold in the desert!”).  Therefore, coverage this morning will be 20-25% less sports-y.  This is in honor of NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell taking a pay freeze this year and trimming his bonus from last year to drop his 2008 pay by roughly a quarter.

Roger Goodell

“The commissioner believes it will take a collective sacrifice of everyone to get through this difficult economic environment.” The commish is wise.  However, the commish will certainly have a better case for the uncapped year coming up and the next CBA negotiations by showing “fiscal responsibility” now.  Also, the layoff of 15% of league staff in NYC might be a little more palatable.

Darren McFadden, Bay Area savior and Al Davis’ last good idea, had his shoulder ’scoped last month, but no one knew his shoulder was injured.  Not only that, but he went back to his college doctor to have the procedure done.  We’re not suggesting this was a good idea, but Al Davis’ medical plan for the Raiders consists mostly of leeches and bromide.  Hey, it’s worked for him…

Al Davis


Here’s something to chew on since you can’t chew on your world record fingernails anymore…

My God, it takes longer to leak PED names than to take a leak for a drug test. When will we finally see those 103 other names from 2003’s MLB positive test list?

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Hideki Matsui’s Wife: A Civilian, Wary Of Ballpoints

Hideki Matsui made a rather bizarre announcement today, notifying the press that he was getting married to a “a 25-year-old civilian and had formerly been working in a reputable position at a highly respected company. I cannot go into further details at this current time.

Hideki Matsui's Paper Wife

A civilian? Wow, we would’ve guessed Matsui met her in a South Dakota missile silo. Even stranger was how he introduced his wife to public life. Read more…