Fore! *Hic!* John Daly Uses Beer Can As Golf Tee

Brooks uncovers all the fun he found during his visit to the Playboy Mansion.

John Daly finds more than one way to enjoy a beer on the golf course.

John Daly beer can golf tee

• Astros GM Ed Wade is all choked up over Shawn Chacon’s suspension.

Pete Carroll got into a little fender-bender with a cop car from the L.A. Sheriff’s Department - or did he?

• So much for Maria Sharapova celebrating another Wimbledon win.

• The Iraqi Olympic soccer team has been blown up - not literally, thankfully.

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Bob Wickman’s Game-Worn Pants Up For Auction

Yes, this is real. (It comes with a letter of authenticity!) THREE IDIOTS ON SPORTS found a pair of pants once worn by former All-Star closer Bob Wickman on the eBays, which you can get today for the low, low starting bid of $29.99.

Bob Wickman's Pants - yep, they're real

(Not actual size. Like most AAA maps, 1 inch = 1 mile.)

The pantaloons were donned when Wicky was a Yankee closer back in 1993, so perhaps the pants are slightly smaller versus his beer-belly days with Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Atlanta. Slightly. Read more…