Bob Uecker’s Yacht Beaned By 551-Foot Freighter

A 551-foot freighter’s attempt to dock in Milwaukee went juuuuuust a bit outside - and right into Bob Uecker’s yacht.

Bob Uecker

WTMJ-TV reports that the St. Mary’s Challenge was trying to navigate the Kinnickinnic River on Tuesday, when the freighter slammed into Uecker’s seafaring vessel, ripping a big gash into Bob’s boat and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

No word if the St. Mary’s was captained by this woman.

Perfect timing, too - Uecker was just about to set sail for a charity fishing tournament down the shore in Racine.

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Mr. Baseball Bob Uecker Likes To Hang Poolside

Bob Uecker is 73 years old. He used to play catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, the same team for whom he currently does radio play-by-play.

Bob Uecker

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