Latino UCLA Coach’s ‘Taco’ Comment Racist Too?

Diamond83 on Twitter reminded me today of a comment former UCLA Coach Bob Toledo made upon the occasion of UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero’s hiring.

Bob Toledo Taco Comment About Dan Guererro

(Guess that didn’t go over too well after all)


Next for the UCLA athletic department is a month-long effort to secure a smooth transition from the Dalis to the Guerrero era.

Toledo even suggested a way to break the ice.

We’ll make tacos together,” he said, with a laugh.

Was Latino Bob Toledo’s “taco” comment about Dan Guerrero racist too?

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Toledo and Guerrero are both Latino. Read more…

Duke Considers Dorrell And Vanderbilt Coach Bobby Johnson For Football Job

THE FIGHT FOR COACH K.’S SHOESHINE BOX IS BACK ON! The NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN reports that Duke is sending mixed signals out about getting serious about football. The school hasn’t won an ACC game since 2004 (and worst yet, lost to ND this season), but is apparently pursuing Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson.

Duke Football Championship Pennant

But don’t get too excited Blue Devils fans, the fight for Coach K.’s shoeshine box also includes just-jettisoned UCLA coach Karl Dorrell, who somehow found a way at UCLA to make Bob Toledo look like Amos Alonzo Stagg.