Legendary Yankees PA Announcer Calling It Quits

When the New York Yankees officially move in to their brand-new billion-dollar taxpayer-supported stadium in a few days, Bob Sheppard will not be joining them.

Bob Sheppard Yankee Stadium PA announcer

Sheppard, the long-time public address announcer for the House That Ruth Built, is retiring. Jack Curry of the NEW YORK TIMES says that Sheppard’s agent Paul Doherty told him that Bob’s son Paul told Doherty that his dear ol’ Dad is unplugging his PA mic at last. And if you can’t trust a pair of Pauls, who can you trust?

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Blog-O-Rama: Brett Favre Is A-Maze-ing In Maize

• Already feeling lost in this whole Brett Favre mess? Well, then 100% INJURY RATE comes across a corn maze you’re not going to like.

Brett Favre corn maze

• BALL DON’T LIE interviews Greg Oden, and learns that the Blazers star would like to own a flying monkey.

• DEADSPIN tosses along news that MLB security doesn’t believe Mike Lupica is worthy of All-Star VIP status.

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME scores some video of a goalkeeper showing off his scorpion-like saving skills.

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Blog Jam: Wright Throws Girlfriend Surprise Party

• THE BIG LEAD gives a toast to David Wright for throwing a surprise birthday party for girlfriend Molly Beers.

David Wright Molly Beers

• WITH LEATHER swears that the AL’s current All-Star success is all thanks to the potty-mouthed Ichiro Suzuki.

• DEADSPIN finds someone pleading with the Packers to put Brett Favre back in the starting lineup, and that someone is … Newt Gingrich?

• SIGNAL TO NOISE learns that the NFL doesn’t want to see its image Crip-pled by players flashing gang signs during games.

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Yanks Record 97-Year-Old PA Guy’s Intro Of Jeter

Tyler Kepner blogs in the NEW YORK TIMES about Derek Jeter’s reverence for 97-year-old Bob “Voice of God” Sheppard, who has been handling PA at Yankee Stadium since 1951.

Bob Sheppard Derek Jeter

Sheppard is suffering from bronchitis, which is keeping him away from his duties at the ballpark, but that won’t stop Derek Jeter from opening up the heavens when he steps in to the batter’s box this season. Read more…