ESPN Might Want To Rethink The NASCAR Promos

Last night, as YBB points out, Mike Patrick took a very subtle dig at Bob Griese’s ‘taco’ comment about Juan Pablo Montoya.

Mike Patrick attempts Bob Griese Joke About Juan Pablo Montoya

At least I’m guessing that’s what he was trying to do.

Juan Pablo Montoya

(For those who think Patrick’s comment was coincidence)

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Juan Pablo Montoya: Officially ‘Out Having a Taco

Juan Pablo Montoya having some fun on his Twitter today.

Juan Pablo Montoya

Let’s just hope Montoya steers clear of an inappropriate characterization of that new Black Taco thing.

Bob Griese’s Saturday off will consist of…

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Too Harsh? Griese Suspended For Taco Comment

Jim Utter of the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER reports that Bob Griese has been suspended for one game for his “taco” comment about Juan Pablo Montoya.


Griese was forced to apologize at the end of his Minnesota-Ohio State telecast on Saturday and then again during halftime of ESPN’s Mississippi State-Florida.

Montoya’s response when asked by reporters was, “I don’t really care to tell you the truth.

ESPN suspends Griese for game for “taco” comment. Too harsh?

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Based on Griese’s apologies, and Montoya’s non-response, I think ESPN went overboard in suspending the guy. I certainly don’t think there was malice in his initial comment, more a reflexive reaction based on the generation Griese grew up in.
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Latino UCLA Coach’s ‘Taco’ Comment Racist Too?

Diamond83 on Twitter reminded me today of a comment former UCLA Coach Bob Toledo made upon the occasion of UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero’s hiring.

Bob Toledo Taco Comment About Dan Guererro

(Guess that didn’t go over too well after all)


Next for the UCLA athletic department is a month-long effort to secure a smooth transition from the Dalis to the Guerrero era.

Toledo even suggested a way to break the ice.

We’ll make tacos together,” he said, with a laugh.

Was Latino Bob Toledo’s “taco” comment about Dan Guerrero racist too?

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ESPN Releases Statement: Griese’s Sorry (Again)

ESPN released this statement Saturday evening addressing Bob Griese’s “taco” comment:

(Video of original comment after the jump)

“During today’s telecast of the Ohio State-Minnesota college football game on ESPN, analyst Bob Griese made an inappropriate comment when discussing NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya. Bob apologized during the telecast, and plans to apologize again tonight during ESPN’s college football programming after his plane lands. ESPN has spoken to Bob and he understands that his comment was uncalled for.”

Griese then made this statement at halftime of the Florida-Mississippi State game: Read more…

Bob Griese And His 1975-Inspired Racial Sensitivity

UPDATE: Griese apologized about the comment just before the Minnesota-Ohio State ABC telecast wrapped. Still deserves a reprimand in my opinion.

Chris Mottram at has this exchange between Bob Griese and Chris Spielman today on the Minnesota-Ohio State ABC telecast:

Chris called it “subtle racism.” I’m more on the side of blatant. Griese should be reprimanded, or at the very least reminded that what he said was inappropriate.

Was Bob Griese’s comment racist?

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Blogz: Charissa Makes Pack Win So Much Sweeter

• The SPORTS BUBBLER’S DAILY DRINK was quite happy on Sunday, not just because the Packers beat the Lions, but because they also got to witness sideline sweetie Charissa Thompson report on the action.

Charissa Thompson

• BRAHSOME waves a flag of warning, as Bob Griese isn’t so impartial when it comes to calling ABC games at alma mater Purdue.

• WITH LEATHER slithers up the latest on Jake “The Snake” Roberts, as the wrestling legends still knows how to wow a crowd - as in, “Wow, this guy looks terrible.”

• The LINCOLN (NE) JOURNAL STAR has the story on Jackie Standley, the mother who was supposedly never there for Joba Chamberlain.

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BlogJam: OSU Better with Bedazzler than Football

  • BUSTED COVERAGE has photographic evidence that there are plenty of OSU fans who are quietly returning to Columbus today.

OSU Fans Bedazzler Bra

  • INGAMENOW rates the “Best Beards in Sports.” Shockingly, Brady Quinn’s girlfriend was not including.
  • FANHOUSE informs us that Fox’s experiment with “Team Oriented Analysts” looks to have been scrapped before it started.Brian Billick has been doing a lot more Redskins stuff than he should under the rules.”
  • ESPN wouldn’t assign Purdue alum Bob Griese to a Purdue game, would they? Okay, but he wouldn’t wave the flag or anything like that? Right. (Video via BRAHSOME after the jump.)

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