I’ll Order The Baked Avellini, With a Side Of DUI

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports on the sad, yet lucky state of former Bears starting QB Bob Avellini. The man who epicly sucked started 42 straight games for Chicago in the late ’70s has been charged with four DUIs in suburban DuPage County in the past six years, but somehow is presently tooling around Chicagoland in the vehicle of choice.

Bob Avellini RC Can

(Untrue: Case dropped ‘cos smoking gun turned out to be an RC can)

The latest charge against #7 was dropped because the arresting officer, who had since moved to Tampa after the arrest, was unable to fly into O’Hare because of snow Wednesday to testify in the case. So the DuPage Judge Ronald Sutter dropped the charge, which is somewhat of a head scratcher. Then again, the Sutter may have figured the former QB would do as much damage to his fellow motorists as he did to opposing defenses during his forgettable tenure with the Bears.  Read more…