Brog: Apparently I Still Need To Work On My Image

Too bad you missed this, like 304,232,394 other Americans, on NPR: “Bill talks with Nik Richie of and author and sportswriter Buzz Bissinger about whether bloggers should have the same responsibilities to tell the truth as journalists do.

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(Maybe this will help! (nice find from SbB Girl Crystal))

Right on. “Journalists” like those at the NEW YORK POST and NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. And the LOS ANGELES TIMES. And Peter Vecsey. And Sam Smith. And … oh, never mind.

I’m posting today from an insufferably-hot Miami. This is where the legend of Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson was born - thanks largely to the public relations efforts of MIAMI HERALD columnist Dan Le Batard. Leading up to Ferguson’s appearance last Saturday on CBS, Le Batard had written (and talked) extensively about the fighter’s long and storied MMA career (all two fights of it!).

Le Batard is currently on leave from the Herald, but I was still very interested to read the paper’s take on Miami’s most-famous MMAer after the Saturday night broadcast. One problem though, the newspaper didn’t send anyone to Newark to cover the event - instead running wire copy about Ferguson’s victory. Miami’s major print outlet couldn’t send a single staffer to cover an event so touted by it’s (former) top sports voice?

Yes, there have since been pieces by Greg Cote and Barry Jackson - written from Miami. But again, wouldn’t you have thought the Herald would’ve had someone cover the event in person?

Miami Herald Doesn't Cover Kimbo Slice Fight In Person

Oh wait, we forgot. Those prohibitive flight costs. NOW we understand. Read more…