Brendan Haywood’s Not Happy w/Donte Stallworth

One of the more disappointing aspects of being a pro sports fan in modern times is the disconnect that has grown between fan and athlete. In fact, many athletes seem to have outright contempt for the people who watch their every move, and they show it through stonewalling every media inquiry that comes their way.

Brendan Haywood

So it’s refreshing on rare occasion that an athlete sticks his or her neck out and actually has an opinion. It’s even more interesting when an athlete breaks the unwritten code of silence when it comes to other athletes. That’s why Brendan Haywood’s comments regarding Browns receiver Donte’ Stallworth stood out. No band of brothers here, and to tell Haywood tell it, behind the impassive eyes and tired cliches that athletes trot out to their adoring public, some of them might even feel strongly about things.

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Blog Jam: Reggie Bush’s Babe Goes Bottomless

  • Reggie Bush’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian poses bottomless in the recent issue of a Portuguese magazine. Thanks to scanners and the Internet you don’t have to travel to Portugal to see it, just click over to POPOHOLIC.

    Kim Kardashian J Magazine

  • The Jeff Samardzija era began in Wrigley yesterday, DEADSPIN’s got the former Notre Dame wide receiver turned Chicago Cub reliever covered.
  • While THE BIG LEAD discovers that the Adam Pacman Jones: Used Car Salesman era is off to a fantastic beginning (video after the jump) Read more…

Blog-o-Rama: The MLS Finally Making Some News

  • Who knew it would take a crazy naked guy on a plane being restrained by members of the New England Revolution for people to realize that the U.S. has a professional soccer league?  DEADSPIN and THE OFFSIDES RULES are just two of the places where you can get all the crazy naked details.

    Revolution Airport

  • DEJUICED proves that college baseball players know a thing or two about getting arrested as well.
  • THE BIG LEAD would like further evidence that the former Seattle SuperSonics will now be called Oklahoma City Thunder
  • THE BLUE SCREEN informs us of Plaxico Burress’ modification to the Sirius NFL studios.
  • HEISMAN PUNDIT breaks down the fastest players in college football.

Bloginalia: The Rog Is Cleaning Up Nicely

CNBC’S DARREN ROVELL documents the otherworldly haul of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s good to be king.

Roger Goodell

SMALL WHITE BALL has a recap of Christian Okoye and “Thunder” Dan Majerle in Pros vs. Joes. Okoye certainly didn’t look like this.

THE SPORTING BLOG found somebody enjoying themselves, at least before they saw “Semi-Pro.”

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Blog-O-Rama: BCS Game Delays Louisiana Trial

• 100% INJURY RATE knows nothing can stop the wheels of justice turning in Louisiana - except tickets to an LSU game:

painted LSU fan

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS isn’t as impressed with Randy Moss possibly breaking Jerry Rice’s season TD record.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS doesn’t seem to be so keen on the NFL’s tree-planting policy in Arizona.

• We miss the Poulan WeedEater: EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY chugs down the PetroSun Independence Bowl drinking game.

• Postage due: BABES LOVE BASEBALL takes a look at the Christmas cards they’ve received this season:

Elijah Dukes Christmas card

• MR. IRRELEVANT hungers at news that a famous DC chili eatery may be serving up their scrumptious slop at the Nat’s new ballpark.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE tells SD QB Philip Rivers to put a lid on it.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING learns that the NFL Network is going all-out with the Pats’ pursuit of perfection. Too bad nobody can see it.

Blog-O-Rama: Coach Scares Sideline Interviewer

• DEADSPIN gets riled up from this sideline interview with an intense Texas high school football coach:

• 100% INJURY RATE says “Bah, Humbug!” to ESPN’s Holiday Smack Cards.• THE HATER NATION congratulates the Raiders for getting back to their penalty-piling ways.

• CONSTRUDA wonders how many Wolverine alums work at CBS, since the network keeps scheduling a 4-7 Michigan squad:

Michigan UCLA basketball

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING takes time to tell us that Eli Manning shouldn’t be selling unstoppable watches.

• RUMORS AND RANTS has the confession of a life-long Hoosier who’s never seen Hoosiers.

Blog-O-Rama: Shilling Out Love For The Schnell

• Fresh off of Florida Atlantic’s first-ever bowl appearance - and first-ever bowl win - THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE gives some love to coach Howard Schnellenberger.

Howard Schnellenberger

• 100% INJURY RATE shows this Christmas-light Santa dunking those holiday blues away.

• MONDESI’S HOUSE knows Thursday’s sports day was the Pitts.

• WITH LEATHER finds one way to keep holiday carolers off your doorstep.

• BRAHSOME phones it in, as Sterling Sharpe shows off his diamond-studded Cocks cell cover.

• Not to be outdone by Joe Namath, Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE notes that Larry Johnson finally received his UNLV degree - 16 years after leaving campus.

Blog-O-Rama: Michelle Wie Won’t Be In 2008 PGA Tour

• WAGGLE ROOM putts over word that Michelle Wie will be steering clear of the PGA Tour in 2008:

Michelle Wie

• MR. SUNSHINE basks in the warm glow of Pete Rose’s hypocrisy about baseball drug use.

• BOSTONIST gets acquainted with the soon-to-be Mrs. Kevin Youkilis.

• DOWN THE LINE goes down under, and gets a sneak peek at Maria Sharapova’s possible outfits for the Australian Open:

Maria Sharapova leather

• PART MULE learns the perfect strategy for Rock, Paper, Scissors.

• I’M WRITING SPORTS doesn’t approve of Curt Schilling calling out Roger Clemens.