Ochocinco Gets Carried Away With Twitter Retort

This Twitter thingy is getting out of hand, yeah? It’s not Twitter’s fault and it’s not the media’s fault; if pro athletes would stop saying ridiculous nonsense for everyone to see, we’d stop reporting on the damn thing. But as it happens, pro athletes aren’t exactly the shy, introspective type -  until the day comes that the athletes are silenced forever, we’re going to follow their meltdowns, 140 characters at a time.

Chad Ocho Cinco Twitter Fail Whale

Chad Ochocinco, for example, has never been exactly shy about oversharing via Twitter…or any other medium, for that matter. It fits with his personality and endears him to his legions of fans who are sick of meaningless platitudes from pro athletes. But his goodwill with fans depends on him engaging with them in a friendly way - insults don’t make friends, as momma used to say. So perhaps it was a bad idea, then, to suggest that a female Twitterer/bloggersupport and do whatever the man says.” Hell hath no fury…

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Maurice Clarett Props Up Prison Blogger Genre

It’s seemed for a while that everyone on the face of the earth has a blog, but now it’s official. Yes, even Maurice Clarett is blogging now… from prison. Clarett, as you no doubt know, is one of the saddest sports flameouts ever. He went from leading the Ohio State Buckeyes to the national championship in 2002 to destitution and then incarceration.

Maurice Clarett

And even though Maurice doesn’t always make sense on his blog, he honestly seems like a guy who’s using his time away from the outside world to make himself a better person (what a novel idea).

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Blog-O-Rama: Gays Hate Madison Square Garden

• The NEW YORK TIMES reports that gay hockey fans feel uncomfortable at Madison Square Garden. Personally, I find Jaromir Jagr’s mullet extremely inviting.

• PORTFOLIO.COM discusses/speculates the salary of some fellow bloggers over at GAWKER.COM.

• THE SMOKING GUN posts some fabulous father/son/tattood face mug shots. Truth be told, we think it looks like Rod Beck and White Chocolate, Jason Williams.

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Blog-O-Rama: Why Not Have Premier Game Here?

• A simple question: If they can play NFL games in Europe, why not bring Premier League games here. THE GUARDIAN explores it and works in the word “rubbish.”

• Old-tyme hockey, like Toe Blake and Eddie Shore. Edmonton and Vancouver engaged in some Slap Shot-esque fisticuffsmanship last night. GOOSE’S ROOST, which has one of the best blog logos ever, gets you up close and personal.

• Is Team USA Basketball more like Team Nike? THE FANHOUSE looks into it.

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Blog-O-Rama: Cheerleaders Coming To Olympics

• 100% INJURY RATE rah-rahs the news of cheerleaders in China for the 2008 Olympics:

Chinese Olympics Cheerleaders

• WITH LEATHER shows video of this soccer streaker stung by the team mascot.

• HOME RUN DERBY remembers when Harry Caray would root, root, root for the…White Sox?

• DEADSPIN gets a glorious look at the mug of new Nebraska coach Bo Pelini:

Bo Pelini drunk face

• YOU BEEN BLINDED runs down news of former NBA’er Jerome Williams playing Pimp My Ride - with a Buick Enclave.

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Seriously, What’s Gotten Into The Sporting News?

THE SPORTING NEWS has been on life support for some time now, something we’re sure you’re unaware of, because you’re probably unaware that The Sporting News still exists. Paul Allen bought the mag a few years ago and tried to expand the brand. His company, Vulcan, failed miserably and eventually sold the whole shooting match to AmCity Business Journals.
Sporting News

AmCity is still trying to decide what to do with the wilted property, which includes the mag, assorted yearly publications, TSN.com and a fringe sports radio network. What was once the biblical brand of hardcore sports fans is now a marginal player at best in the sports media.

There are some signs of life though, however faint. TSN.com’s Chris Mottram has put together something called THE SPORTING BLOG, which has a format much like AOL’s FANHOUSE. Mottram & Co. pulled off a recent coup by landing Dan Shanoff as a regular contributor. And Will Leitch of DEADSPIN will be filing for TSN.com from the Super Bowl (hopefully cell camera in hand at some Tempe watering holes).

Thanks to those moves, we’ve got TSN.com back on our bookmarks as part of our daily rounds. Let’s hope the success the site is sure to have with those improvements will help to prop up the other sagging properties. Don’t call it a comeback, but TSN has resumed a place on our radar screen.

Darren Rovell has a nice piece about the same thing at CNBC.com. As does MDS at FANHOUSE.

Blogga-Roni: FSU Nixing Tix For Cutting Class?

• The BIG LEAD has a posting from a Florida State sports fansite that claims students who skip class will have their FSU football tickets taken away (and miss this next to you in the student section):

Florida State Hotties

Adam Rose of the LOS ANGELES TIMES reviews the entire Reggie Bush book penned by Don Yaeger, and reports there’s plenty of dirt to be hauled.

Tom Brady

• TMZ has the most emasculating moment of Tom Brady’s life - recorded to video. *fist punch*

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Blog-O-Rama: Deadspin’s Will Leitch In Penthouse

• DEADSPIN’s Will Leitch is slowly but surely conquering the MSM one publication at a time.

His latest victory - PENTHOUSE:

Penthouse Will Leitch

Does the issue include a Will pictorial?

• THE LOVE OF SPORTS shares a classic tender(izing) moment between old-school hockey hitmen Tiger Williams & Dave “The Hammer” Schultz.

• RIVALFISH suggests Lou Holtz head back to the orthodontist’s.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY spells out a winner (as seen at TIGER DROPPINGS):

oohi state flags

• MAXIM.COM learns a lot of lessons from Lennox Lewis.

• RUMORS AND RANTS lists other tidbits Kelly Tilghman could have muttered in place of her Tiger Woods remark.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT puts their best foot forward in trying to describe the new Michael Jordan shoe:

Air Jordan XX3 shoe

• THE GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES writes a heartfelt letter to former Piston Ben Wallace, and saves 41 cents by posting it instead of mailing it.

• THE PIG PEN’S long search is over, as they finally find a widget featuring Michael Doleac.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS finds fun video of the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, taking it to Isiah Thomas:

Will Smith Isiah Thomas video

• THE LAZY EYE OF STUART SCOTT passes the buck to Frank Deford, who wants college athletes to be paid.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS is glad to see the college football season finally put to rest.

Blog-O-Rama: Goose’s Foul Words Delayed Hall?

• HOME RUN DERBY ganders that Goose Gossage’s past foul words may have ruffled some feathers & kept him out of the Hall of Fame until now:

Goose Gossage signing

• Via SI’s EXTRA MUSTARD, BLUE MONKEY DISCO PARTY keeps quiet, as Bobby Knight’s grandson calls a press conference to explain Grandpa’s previous conference.

• WAGGLE ROOM is concerned that the Mercedes Benz golf championship may make like June Jones, and bid aloha to Hawaii.

• Thanks to some video trickery, WITH LEATHER finally gets an admission from Roger Clemens about his steroid use:

• Speaking of the Rocket, PART MULE kicks up the obligatory “Leave Roger Alone!” video spoof.

• The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES wonders if Jon Gruden really wants to build a winner, why would the Bucs hire Bill Callahan?

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS finds this Bowling Green Falcon getting flattened by a Golden Hurricane:

• THE ANGRY T studies the revelation that Ohio State’s football website doesn’t list their players’ majors.

• MONDESI’S HOUSE checks their wallet, as $350 will get you a game-used wristband from high school football recruit Terrelle Pryor.

• YAY! SPORTS NBA field the reports from Agent Zero’s big birthday bash:

Gilbert Arenas birthday party

• 100% INJURY RATE is taking their blogging act to FAN IQ.

• UNCOMMON SPORTSMAN gets out the stopwatch, as they ask if speed dating can be considered a sport.

Blog-O-Rama: SbB Girls Used in LSU Propaganda

• YARDBARKER wonders who would have the nerve to photoshop the SbB Girls for their own nefarious needs:

SbB Girls Brittany & Jessica used as LSU photoshop

A warning to consumers: Don’t accept imitations. Demand the real thing.

• JOE SPORTS FAN breaks down the fan-cy of sporting event signs.

• FARK’s Drew Curtis gives his thoughts on the new “American Gladiators“.

• CONSTRUDA catches Giants lineman Osi Umeniyora making out with Victoria’s Secret Model Selita Ebanks:

Selita Ebanks Victoria's Secret Model

Funny, we thought she was a Patriots fan.

• AZ SPORTS HUB learns that Steve Nash knows how to live.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC seeks the truth in finding sports’ greatest liar.

• DC SPORTS BOG discovers the hair-raising secret of how Marcus Pollard keeps track of his team & uniform number:

Marcus Pollard hair

• You though the game shows were weird: THE BEAUTIFUL GAME presents the interesting way penalty kicks are performed in Japan.

• NOW IN CHICAGO uncovers the lone AP voter who dared not to cast his NFL MVP ballot for Tom Brady.

• Speaking of the Pats’ golden boy, POPSUGAR spots Tommy taking a bite out the Big Apple with his latest squeeze:

Tom Brady Gisele NYC Kobe Club

• PART MULE bids a fond(?) farewell to the retiring Warren Sapp.

• STORMING THE FLOOR tries to break the spell of World of Warcraft sponsoring ACC basketball telecasts.