Blog Jam: Pics of Buss Skipping Finals for Poker

• Remember when Lakers owner Jerry Buss couldn’t be bothered to come to Boston because of a poker tournament? WICKED CHOPS POKER now deals up photos of the good Doctor hitting the tables - under the watchful eye of a much younger, very interested spectator.

Jerry Buss poker young girl spectator

• 950 ESPN in Philadelphia bounces along word that Doug Christie wants Congress to investigate NBA officiating - if that’s okay with his wife.

• MR. IRRELEVANT concludes their broadcasting day, as “Blog Show” is heading off the airwaves.

• DC SPORTS BOG strikes a pose, as the 9-year-old daughter of Redskins lineman Kedric Golston is turning into quite the model child.

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Erin Andrews Talks To Bloggers; Smoltz Silenced

This chesty Celtics fan once tried to make Jack Nicholson look like a boob.

Erin Andrews does the unthinkable - talks with some sports bloggers.

Erin Andrews Jamie Mottram Dan Steinberg

(Jamie Mottram & Dan Steinberg check out the view)

• Scheduled shoulder surgery smushes John Smoltz’s season.

• What lady could resist the charms of a pseudo Sonics employee?

Santana Moss misses Monday practice after a 3-day birthday bacchanalia.

• Green Bay is being gorged of its local sportscasters.

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Want To See What Unsilent Majority Looks Like?

The newest Blog Show from Mister Irrelevant, Jamie Mottram, is out (which features the finest sports television show soundtrack since Dick Enberg’sSports Challenge“). Thankfully, we get dinged. But most importantly, we get to see what Unsilent Majority (of KSK and DEADSPIN) looks like:

Mottram is always wearing cool shirts on the show. This one, we have to have. And it has nothing to do with our election predisposition:

Jamie Motrtram Obama Arenas Shirt

Blog-O-Rama: Clemens Back With Astros - Sort Of

• The ASSOCIATED PRESS tosses news that Roger Clemens has been invited to join the Astros - at one of their pitching camps.

Roger Clemens Houston Astros banner

• Speaking of comebacks, Buffalo Bills player Kevin Everett is coming out with book in February.

• 100% INJURY RATE studies the evolution of football video games.

• For your viewing pleasure, here’s another enjoyable episode of ‘Blog Show‘, with your hosts, Jamie Mottran and Dan Steinberg.

• INSIDE USC knows there won’t be many pleasantries exchanged when Pete Carroll & Norm Chow meet next season. Read more…