LPGA Catfight Could Cost Commissioner Her Job

With everything that happened over the past 48 hours, I’ll excuse you if you weren’t paying much attention to the LPGA Tour. Which is the problem: nobody really is. Despite having young & talented players, pushing the sex appeal angle as hard as they can, and taking draconian steps to improve the tour’s visibility (remember English Only-Gate?), the tour is sinking to WNBA levels of irrelevancy.

Anna Rawson GoDaddy TV ad

(Anna Rawson might have more free time to secure domain names.)

This became painfully evident last week, when word came out that the tour was being forced to cancel its event at Kapalua in Hawaii scheduled for October because of the lack of a title sponsor. Which means that the tour schedule might have only 10 stops in the U.S. next year, including none in Hawaii, Arizona or Florida. But - to paraphrase “This is Spinal Tap” - that’s OK: those aren’t big golfing areas, anyway.

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Naked Sunbather Arrested On English Golf Course

When shooting a few rounds on the local fairways, it’s always good to keep an eye out for any balls in the rough. Especially if they’re attached to a guy on the golf course who’s sunbathing naked.

Anna Rawson

(Unfortunately, we have don’t have a photo of said naked sunbather. So here’s a shot of a semi-naked Anna Rawson instead. Hope this suffices.)

MK NEWS reports that group of golfers at the Abbey Hill Golf Center in Milton Keynes, England, were playing the ninth hole, when they came across a large 22-year-old man “wearing just his socks, lying on the fairway at the ninth hole, with a dog standing by his side.”

How shocking! I didn’t know dogs were allowed on golf courses.

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New Site Lets You Hire Hotties To Golf With You

We’ve all been there before. You and your two buddies go to play some golf, and just as you’re ready to tee off the starter comes up and tells you that this fat guy in a tank top is going to be joining your group. Wouldn’t it be better if you could choose to fill out your foursome with someone who’s a little easier on the eyes?

Anna Rawson Blair ONeal Play Golf Designs

That’s what PLAY GOLF DESIGNS thinks. The Las Vegas-based website allows you, for a rather hefty fee, to choose from 24 attractive young ladies to come play golf with you. But this isn’t Par Mates or some sort of veiled prostitution ring. No, these are actual aspiring professional golfers who have decided to use their physical attributes to help supplement their income while they work on their game.

And it’s not just a bunch of no-names, either. Among the ladies available for hire are Aussie Go Daddy Girl Anna Rawson and established LPGA pro Aree Song.

More details, and many more photos of the ladies, after the jump.

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