No SB Parade For Steelers; Teacher Shoots Baller

• Win or lose, Pittsburgh will not be throwing a parade for the Steelers.

Fat Steelers girl

(Sorry, ladies - you’ll have to find another reason to stand on a street corner)

• A North Carolina teacher who kidnapped & shot a women’s college basketball player receives the ultimate punishment - suspension with pay.

• Hey, Barry Bonds - looks like urine real trouble now!

• Why not buy a PSL for a football team that doesn’t exist?

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B.J. Upton: Philadelphia Fans Are Just Unbearable

B.J. Upton isn’t exactly the biggest role model out there — just check his rap sheet and you can tell that’s he’s not a full-time model citizen — but he is a notable resident of Tampa Bay. It was in that capacity that he spoke with Florida radio station 97-X about Sunday’s Super Bowl, and Upton didn’t mince words about how he was awfully glad the Eagles aren’t going to be there.

bj upton golf devil rays
(B.J. was just trying to raise hype for his charity golf tourney. Oops.)

BUGS & CRANKS comes through with the video, which you can also watch after the jump, in which Upton dishes as much about his own golf tournament and recovering from surgery to repair a torn posterior-labrum as he does on trashing Philly fans. Needless to say, that doesn’t stop dumping on the city of Brotherly Love from making the highlights.

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Tampa Bay Survives Street Fight, Ties Up ALCS

What should have been a pitcher’s duel quickly turned into a bullpen’s duel, and for once, the underdog prevailed. For as impotent as the Tampa Bay Rays were on Friday night (Carl Crawford on 3rd in the 7th with none out and you can’t get him home? Really?), Tampa’s offense took saved them tonight as they outlasted the Boston Red Sox, 9-8. While the Rays scored eight runs in the first six innings, those runs were largely in response to Sox offensives, as the game wasn’t anywhere close to won until an 11th inning sacrifice fly by BJ Upton plated the winning run.

Pena Hooray

The first half of the game was marked with a rash of solo shots, three on both sides, but when the bullpens buckled down, runs became much harder to come by.  An 8-6 lead for the Rays in the 6th was whittled down to an 8-8 tie by the eight inning, and neither team could plate a run in the next few innings.

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