Marcus Spears Imitated Pacman At B-Day Party?

It sounds a little crazy, but it’s true. Just after news broke that Pacman Jones made an unannounced — and uninvited — appearance to make it rain at Dallas defensive end Marcus Spears’s birthday party, new photos dug up by TOTAL PRO SPORTS make it pretty clear that Spears was making it rain himself.

marcus spears

(Meet the new Rain Man.)

Evidently a fellow attendee of Mr. Spears’s little soiree was the ones who alerted DanD at TOTAL PRO to Spears’s monetary weather patterns.  So how can we prove that the bills actually flew? Just check out those pics above. You don’t carry around that kind of a wad unless you’re Arabic and avoiding credit, or you have plans to throw some of it around.

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Rick Reilly Sings His Heart Out At 50th B-Day Bash

Penny Parker of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS puts on a party hat, as Rick Reilly celebrates his 50th birthday in a big way.

John Elway Rick Reilly strangle each other

Over 100 Denver-area folks - including John Elway - showed up on Friday night to salute the former SI scribe-turned-ESPN employee. (Guess our invitation got lost in the mail.) The gala included drinks, dancing and a live karaoke band (with Reilly’s daughter Rae on keyboards). Read more…

Greg Oden Couldn’t Attend His Own Birthday Party

Greg Oden was the guest of honor for a big birthday bash last Friday night. Too bad he couldn’t go.

Greg Oden girl dance

The PORTLAND OREGONIAN reports that the Blazers rookie had to miss out on the scheduled celebration held at the Roseland Theater. Over 800 attendees paid the $15 cover to partake in the music and intake in the alcohol.

Problem is Oden just turned 20 - still a year away from legal drinking age. And another concern for Oden & his agents was Toyota’s sponsorship of the event - since Greg has an endorsement contract with Chevrolet.

Oh, well - there’s always next year. By then, he might finally be healthy enough to dance again.

Boris Becker Dumps Girlfriend Right Before His Birthday

BECKER BIDS AUF WIEDERSEN TO GIRLFRIEND BY TEXTING: It’s no longer 40-love for Boris Becker, as the former tennis star dumps his girlfriend right before his birthday:

Boris Becker girlfriend

The LONDON SUN reports that the day before he turned 40, Becker sent a text message to 31-year-old Sharlely Kerssenberg, telling her not to bother coming to his birthday bash.She was upset that break-up wasn’t done face-to-face, lamenting, “The way it was done hurt me deeply. That was anything but cool.”

Yet, Sharley can’t seem to stay mad at Boris, saying, “He is the love of my life. He was the perfect boyfriend for me, a true gentleman. I admire him so much.”

What’s not to admire about a then-married guy who had a 5-second tryst in a hotel cupboard that resulted in a child born out of wedlock?