Cardinals Fans Still Learning Super Bowl Etiquette

(Ed. note: SbB correspondent Tuffy has been taking the pulse of Phoenix just before the Super Bowl.)

A short time left before kickoff (barely enough time for more Snoop Dogg raps) and the state of Arizona has embraced the Cardinals’ upcoming Super Bowl appearance awkwardly, not quite knowing what to do in such a social situation.

To wit, we stopped into the local breakfast shoppe this morning and overheard one employee to another: “I love your polo shirt (with Cards logo)!” “Oh, this? I borrowed it from my dad. I wasn’t going to buy one!”

Cardinals church support from Yuma

(Thanks to Arizona Lifestyle Team for the heads-up)

And there is a red rash across Phoenix this week.  At the Suns’ game last night, the Cardinals jerseys rivaled the Sunswear in number.  Also, more than a few D-Backs shirts and hats made an appearance.  The calculation in each person’s eyes was clear: it’s red, it’s Arizona sports-related, and I can’t bear to buy too-small short shorts from a corner vendor or a T-shirt-in-a-plastic-mug from Fry’s even though everyone else is sold out.

Arizona Cardinals cookie

(Bad call; everyone knows big cookies say “It’s not as bad as supermarket flowers, but I still have the memory of a brain-damaged goldfish”)

(Note to the Steelers’ fans wearing jerseys out to a Suns’ game the night before the Super Bowl: tres douche.)
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