Racing Models Fight for Asia Billiards Supremacy

EAST WINDUP CHRONICLE continues to find brilliance overseas as we add to our series: “Sports We Wish We’d Invented”. Apparently, a future recipient of the Nobel Awesome Prize from Korea decided to take racing models (a combination of car show models, UFC ring girls, and actual racing venues) and make them compete against each other in billiards.

Racing models billiards from Korea

This may be the greatest combination since Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. (”You got your scantily-clad models in my pool hall!” “You got your pool hall in my scantily-clad models!”) This year’s competition between Korea and Russia (national pride always gets the blood flowing) has a special twist as well.
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Oregon QB Has A Lot Of Balls Taking Billiards Class

DUCKS QB HAS A LOT OF BALLS TAKING BILLIARDS CLASS: Dennis Dixon has a lot of balls playing for Oregon this year - since the only college course he’s taking is billiards:

Dennis Dixon billiards

The SALEM (OR) STATESMAN JOURNAL quacks up the news that the Ducks QB and latest Heisman candidate is queuing under center on the field, and cueing up off it.Dixon has already reached his requirements for receiving a degree in sociology. But don’t judge Dennis too harshly on his choice of last class. He could have gone the easy route by taking ice skating or juggling, but he obviously wanted to run the (pool) table.

Billiards shirt racking balls crack of dawn

It’s actually a smart move by Dixon. If his pro football career goes bust, Dennis can still make it onto ESPN - by playing in billiards contests the network airs on Sundays opposite NFL games.