‘Hawks Lose Paperwork, Could Lose Star Players

The good thing about restricted free agency is that it allows teams to hang on to their young talent, to give them time to become fan favorites and maybe even franchise players some day. It really would have been nice if the Blackhawks would have taken advantage of that.

Chicago Blackhawks

In a move that seems like something more out of the “Dollar BillWirtz era, the Chicago failed to deliver the paperwork to six of their young players before the deadline passed, so by the letter of the law, those aren’t Chicago’s players anymore.
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Brog: Hitting The Canadian Club (And T.O. Too!)

Currently I’m in Canada - soon to be joined by SbB Girl Wendy. We’ll have oft-incoherent commentary coming this weekend, so keep checking back. More details below.

SbB Girl Wendy Huge White Sox Fan

(SbB at Toronto’s Virgin Festival this weekend, thanks to My Boy Barry!)

Yesterday I spent the day flying from Los Angeles to Montreal. Here’s one of the many highlights of my layover at O’Hare Airport in Chicago (nice to see the city’s most famous extinct dinosaur Bill Wirtz getting the proper tribute he deserves):

Bill Wirtz display at Chicago's O'Hare Airport

I also enjoyed the chance to stock up on all things Cubs. This Chicago airport store display featured 21 (I counted) different Cubs’ memorabilia items …

Chicago White Sox Cubs Merch One crappy Chisox shirt

… and one White Sox item, which after the ALDS will most likely be the latest fashion trend on the streets of the Central African Republic.

On the flight from LAX to ORD, I saw something I’ve never seen. Some poor old, oxygen-tanked woman actually swapped her own stuff for that drop-down oxygen mask. She ended up making it through the flight ok. We might have lost her in the changeover, but thankfully Ozzie Guillen wasn’t sitting next to her, ‘else she’d have had to assist him with his mask first.

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Report: Blackhawks To Play At Wrigley Next Year

The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES has some good news & bad news for hockey fans in the Windy City. The bad news: It doesn’t appear that the Blackhawks will be playing an outdoor game at Soldier Field any time soon.

Chicago Blackhawks Wrigley Field

The good news: Because they’ll be playing at Wrigley Field instead.

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Chicago Blackhawks Hire Away Cubs President

CUBS PREZ SKATES CROSSTOWN TO LEAD BLACKHAWKS: The president of the Chicago Cubs is packing his bags and heading crosstown to helm the revival of the Blackhawks:

John McDonough Blackhawks

The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports that John McDonough is leaving the Friendly Confines for the empty echoes of the half-full United Center.On Tuesday morning, McDonough had resigned from the club where we worked for 24 years, and was introduced as the ‘Hawks new president just three hours later.

Despite a lack of World Series rings for almost a century, McDonough has been able to maintain a heavy fan base for the Cubbies throughout the years.

Cubs fans shirtless

He’s behind such marketing gimmicks as having celebrities sing during the 7th inning stretch, and creating the Cubs Convention.Hiring McDonough is just the latest attempt by Rocky Wirtz to step out of dad Bill’s mismanaged shadow, and make the hockey franchise relevant in the Windy City again. He’s even putting home games on local TV, for God’s sakes!

Kid Rock Booed At Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Game

KID ROCK ROLLING WITH BOOS FROM BLACKHAWKS FANS: The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports Kid Rock loved the reception he got from Blackhawks fans Sunday night:

Kid Rock Blackhawks fan

When the Devil Without A Cause was shown on the United Center big screen, the crowd jeered long & loud. Could be because Rock was decked out in the jersey of the rival Detroit Red Wings.And he was quite proud of the reaction: “Getting booed on the Jumbotron is one of the best things in the world. It means you’re a true fan. Jack Nicholson taught me that when he came to Detroit to see a Lakers game.”

Jack Nicholson Lakers

Sunday night’s contest was also the first Blackhawks home game shown to Chicago TV viewers this season. And the stars came out to be seen, including actress Joan Cusack and former Chicago Bull Bill Wennington.Remarkably, TV cameras in the arena didn’t keep local fans away. The announced attendance was 19,045 - the biggest crowd of the season.

Guess Bill Wirtz was wrong.

Oden Can Find Other Things To Do In Portland

THINGS TO DO IN PORTLAND WHEN YOUR SEASON’S DEAD: So Greg Oden won’t be hitting the floor for the Blazers this season. What’s a #1 draft pick to do?

Greg Oden Welcome

Apart from cheering on his new teammates (and bailing them out of jail afterwards), Oden now has time to check out some of the other sports options in town.For instance, Jerry Glanville is back on the sidelines, as the former Falcons & Oilers coach is now leading the 1-AA Portland State Vikings.

Jerry Glanville Elvis

It’s known that during his NFL days, Glanville would leave two tickets at will call for Elvis Presley, in case the King ever decided to show up.For fun, Greg might consider hitting the hip PDX boutiques for a sequin jumpsuit and pompadour wig - then show up at the next PSU game in his new attire, announcing in a Presley-esque drawl, “Here I am, thank you very much. Now, where my seats at?

And as the winter months drag on, Greg can check out the Winter Hawks, Portland’s entry in the junior Western Hockey League.

Winter Hawks Blackhawks

And if he wants to practice some law, Oden can send a tip to “Dollar” Bill Wirtz about possible copyright infringement.And were sure there’s museums, symphonies and fine- dining establishments to enjoy in the Rose City, just like any other big-name metropolis.

Greg Oden Beer Pong

If all else fails, there’s always beer pong.