Clinton, Obama Called Tiger; Mom The Source?

In a recently published piece, celebrated golf writer Jaime Diaz of GOLF DIGEST has the most credible account of the life of Tiger Woods since his Thanksgiving accident. Why? It appears that some of the previously unreported information cited by Diaz came from the mother of the golfer, Kultida Woods.

Bill Clinton called Tiger Woods

Last year as part of a GOLF DIGEST profile of Kultida, Diaz traveled with her to her native Thailand as part of what turned out to be the definitive portrait of mother Woods.

Kultida Woods and Jaime Diaz

(Golf Digest’s Diaz also profiled Tiger’s Mom in May, 2009, from Thailand)

In his latest Golf Digest effort posted on the web last week, Diaz reports scads of new, intimate details about Tiger Woods’ ordeal. Most importantly, the story includes new on-the-record quotes from Kultida. That access may have happened because of the relationship forged during the Golf Digest profile by Diaz on Kultida.

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Barack Obama’s Golf Swing Could Use Some Work

Last week, Charles Barkley revealed his plan to finally fix his ailing golf game: reality television. And while it’s pretty much accepted as fact that Barkley is the planet’s worst duffer, there’s another celebrity/would-be politician whose swing looks like it could use a little tightening.

Barack Obama plays golf

KGMB-9 TV out of Hawaii caught up with the Democratic nominee playing some golf during a recent visit to the state that brought us Amaya and Tek. Although Barack Obama’s swing looks nothing like this, I feel confident in writing that his chicken winged approach to hitting a golf ball is something Sir Charles can only aspire to.

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Paterno Passes On Welcoming Clinton To Penn St.

Joe Paterno stayed true to his political party, as he passed on the chance to pal around with Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton Joe Paterno

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the Penn State coach and noted Republican decided not to meet with Clinton last Thursday, as the former President made a stop in State College in support of his wife Hillary’s presidential campaign.

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Blog-A-Rama: Mark Mangino’s Our SHOTY #1 Pick

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Mark Mangino nose pick

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Bill Callahan Plumbing

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Maria Sharapova

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Football diaper bag

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