Brog: SbB Ready To Hit The Hollywood Club Scene

It was a long weekend shooting new SbB Girl Whitney. When I do those all-day shoots, 2-3 days in a row, I completely lose track of what’s going on in the spritely world of athletic endeavor. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s actually my personal antidote for Beijing and Brett Favre fatigue.

SbB Girl Whitney And Brooks

(Whitney and Mr. Happy)

With my recent move from Miami back to L.A. and all the shooting I’ve been doing, my weekends have been wrecked of late. So I’m going to take this weekend off and do something I haven’t done in many a moon - hit the Hollywood clubs. I’m really looking forward to checking out the latest Lipstick City scene, reconnect with old acquaintances, and most importantly, assist Ronny Turiaf and Ron Artest in getting past the bouncers.

Lisa Lipps J.A. Adande Buffy The Sportswriter Slayer

Now I’ve got plenty of friends who promote for clubs, so I’ve got the inside track on admission to many of L.A.’s hot spots. But as everyone who is anyone in this town knows, if you want to truly make the scene here, there’s only one man to call: J.A. Adande. Don’t believe me? Ask them. Read more…

Blogga-Knockin’: Kardashian’s Full Frontal Attack

THE BIG LEAD has the photo find of the year (ok, maybe not) of Kim Kardashian (bottom - of course - item):

Kim Kardashian Lingerie Photo Halloween With Blonde

• MISTER IRRELEVANT introduces us to the Washington Wizards’ “White Hole (no, it’s not Marion Berry’s nasal cavity).

• The NEW YORK POST has a sign the Yanks are about to move:

Yankee Stadiujm

• WITH LEATHER reveals Roy Jones’ resistance at wearing a Ron Paul tattoo for his fight tonight against Felix Trinidad.

Read more…

Blog-A-Rama: Mark Mangino’s Our SHOTY #1 Pick

• Don’t forget to pick Kansas King Kong Mark Mangino for DEADSPIN’s Sports Human Of The Year:

Mark Mangino nose pick

• FOOTBALL GAB breaks the leg news of Joe Theismann netting $4 million not to work for ESPN.

• FREE DARKO goes through the mail, and uncovers this 1993 letter from President Bill Clinton to timeout-taker Chris Webber.

• CORN NATION is happy to report that ex-Husker coach Bill Callahan has found his true calling:

Bill Callahan Plumbing

• THE SPORTS HERNIA prepares for the hilarity sure to ensue at the Mike & Mike Celebrity Roast.

• The SACRAMENTO BEE pays tribute to Warriors fan and basketball mom Ann Barnes.

• Despite injuries and only one tournament win in 2007, DOWN THE LINE cashes in news that Maria Sharapova is still rollin’ in dough:

Maria Sharapova

• Speaking of green, SIGNAL TO NOISE learns that the Worldwide Leader has a big stake in the college football post-season, since they own five bowls.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS sticks their beak into the Ravens crowing about bad officiating.

• FOOTBALL JESUS LAS VEGAS has some holiday gift ideas for the frugal female football fan:

Football diaper bag

• BLOG OF HILARITY needs some words of encouragement, as former UFC champ Chuck Liddell has been hanging with self-helpster Tony Robbins.

• PINSTRIPE POSTS gets a leg up on why Joe Torre isn’t at the Winter Meetings - the Dodgers manager needs a new knee.

Lane Kiffin Mentioned As Candidate For Arkansas Football Coach Job

KIFFIN LIKELY FIRST CRAPPY COACH TO TURN DOWN HOGS? The ARKANSAS MORNING NEWS reports today that Lane Kiffin apparently is a candidate for the vacant Arkansas football coaching position.

Lane Kiffin

Excerpt: “A source familiar with the situation said Tuesday that Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin could be a good fit for the Razorbacks. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Kiffin has wanted to coach at the college level.“Kiffin’s father Monte was an assistant coach at UA under Lou Holtz in the late ’70s, so there is a vague connection there.

More: “Kiffin, whose job security with the Raiders has been questioned as recently as last week, signed a three-year contract with Oakland in January.

This report sounds like wishful thinking from the Arkansas outlet, which is ironic considering Kiffin’s coaching ability is akin to trash bag leakage. The reax reminds us of a Big 12 school buying into the fraud of an Oakland coach: Nebraska and Bill Callahan.

Coincidentally, if Kiffin was to consider a college job, Nebraska would probably be at the top of the list as his father played and coached there for many years. But we doubt Nebraska will make that mistake again.

That said, we hear Oakland fans are considering holding candlelight vigils - as they wait for white smoke to appear from Razorback or Memorial Stadium.

Missouri New Number 1 in Latest BCS Poll

MISSOURI NEW #1 IN TOPSY-TURVY COLLEGE FB SEASON: What kind of season is it when Missouri is your #1 team?

Missouri football

As is now shapes up, your 2008 BCS Championship Game is looking to be the Tigers from Columbia against the Mountaineers from Morgantown. Bet the organizers in New Orleans are just thrilled about a Missouri-West Virginia national title matchup.But there’s still the little matter of one more game for each team. West Virginia should have an easy time hosting the Dave Wannstedt-led Pittsburgh Panthers. And Missouri gets to meet Oklahoma again in the Big 12 Championship.

Michigan State fan Brutus Buckeye

If either team falters, expect 3rd-ranked Ohio State to return to the title game, hoping to do better than last year’s 41-14 embarrassment against Florida.If *both* teams happens to lose next Saturday, could #4 Georgia or #5 Kansas back their way in for the national championship, even though neither team even won their own conferences?

Don’t think it couldn’t happen. In 2001, Nebraska didn’t even win the Big 12 North, yet was chosen to take on Miami for the BCS title. And in 2003, Oklahoma lost to Kansas State in the Big 12 title game, yet faced LSU for a shot at the BCS trophy.

Bill Callahan Snubs Tom Osborne After Kansas Loss

With the way #1 and #2 teams have fallen flat like Bill Callahan’s respectability around Lincoln, anything’s possible at this point.

Weis Rumored To Have Given Resignation To ND

IRISH COACH WEIS OFFERED TO SKIP OUT OF SOUTH BEND? As the season nears its end, the college football coaching rumors are twirling around fast & furious. It’s a foregone conclusion that Nebraska’s Bill Callahan will be leaving Lincoln, while UCLA’s Karl Dorrell may be all washed up in Westwood.

Callahan Franchione

Dennis Franchione might soon be emailing his VIP boosters that his time with Texas A&M is up, which may entice Tommy Tuberville to leave the Auburn Plains for College Station.Now Scott Wolf of INSIDE USC tosses the latest log on the coaching rumor fire, saying that Charlie Weis offered to resign, but Notre Dame wouldn’t accept:

We wouldn’t have tagged Charlie as a quitter, especially when it comes to eating. But if the Irish fall to Duke on Saturday, completing a winless season at home, maybe the whole school should just resign.On a side note, if the Dookies do manage to knock off Notre Dame, no one will be happier than offensive coordinator Peter Vaas.

The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES notes how the Blue Devils’ OC was ND’s QB coach last season, but was fired by Weis and replaced by former Irish signal-caller Rick Mirer.

Peter Vaas Charlie Weis

Vaas said the firing was a “surprise”, and Weis never gave any reasons for it. But Peter says he has moved on: “Charlie made a decision a year ago. It was a professional decision and one I’ve adjusted to and learned to accept. You move forward.”But we all know that deep down, Vaas has happy visions of voraciously vanquishing the villainous Veis, er, Weis.

Prison Officials Teaching Inmates To Pole Vault

• This should go over well: The UK DAILY EXPRESS leaps at the news of prison officials teaching inmates to pole vault:

Allison Stokke

• Tom Van Riper of FORBES.COM rips apart the myth of the high-priced closer.

Joe knows Enrico Palazzo - THE SPORTS HERNIA reveals that the new Dodgers manager was in “The Naked Gun“.

Emmitt Smith hates America, as AWFUL ANNOUNCING hears the ESPN analyst talking over the National Anthem:

Emmitt Smith flat-top

If the Cowboys great gets canned by the Worldwide Leader, he can always find work in Boston.

• IN FROM THE COLD takes a look at a Navy player who’s gone through hardship just to be part of the Midshipmen’s historic win against Notre Dame.

• Just as Navy ended a 43-year drought, BUGS & CRANKS gives congrats to the Chunichi Dragons, who clinched their first Japan Series championship in 53 years.

• This makes no cents: The BBC reports that Brady-buddy Gisele Bundchen doesn’t like to be paid in American dollars:

Gisele Bundchen Bikini Photo Miami Beach

Does this mean Tom is going to demand his salary in sheckels?

• CORN NATION blames Pete Carroll for bringing Bill Callahan to Nebraska.

• SPORTS COLUMN demands a recount, as Arkansas RB Darren McFadden didn’t break the SEC record for rushing in a game, but only tied it.

• Time for Lee Corso to retire, as JEN’S FREE THROWS catches the ESPN analyst mistaking the Oregon Ducks QB with the Arizona State head coach:

Lee Corso Nude

• WAGGLE ROOM falls over the news that Phil Mickelson’s caddy was down a stroke - a heat stroke.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY gets word that Gary Barnett has his evil eye on the SMU job - just as long as there aren’t any female kickers in Dallas.

Video Of Bill Callahan Snubbing Tom Osborne After Kansas Loss

NO DEFENSE FOR CALLAHAN POSTGAME SNUB OF OSBORNE: WOWT-TV in Omaha has postgame video of Bill Callahan walking off the field in Lawrence after his Cornhuskers lost 76-39 on Saturday - and apparently snubbing the school’s current interim AD Tom Osborne:

Bill Callahan Snubs Tom Osborne After Kansas Loss

In Callahan’s defense (no pun), what the hell is he supposed to do? Give Osborne a hug? That was the only good call Callahan made all day.

Blogs: Video of Brady Quinn Wearing USC Jersey

• We mentioned earlier how Brady Quinn had to don a USC jersey after losing a bet. Now, IRISH TROJAN IN TENNESSEE has video proof of the QB’s cringing clothing change:

Brady Quinn USC jersey video

• Coloradoans take note: RIVALFISH cowboys up to present their top 10 reasons to hate Red Sox fans.• Ray Ratto of CBS SPORTSLINE has no comment, as the media can corner athletes into “Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.”

• THE MONEY SHOT bangs their heads, as they compare NBA teams to ‘80s hair metal bands:

Quiet Riot Gilbert Arenas

• THE EXTRAPOLATER asks the NCAA to repeat that, as they don’t understand the whole Division 1-A/Football Bowl Subdivision double-talk.• AWFUL ANNOUNCING packs their bags for the Great White North, as MLB viewers in Canada are Buck & McCarver free.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS is in good hands, as Tony Romo takes out a $30 million insurance policy on himself:

Tony Romo drinking

• WTAE reports that former Pitt ESPN radio announcer John Duffy has plead guilty to child porn charges.• OFF WING OPINION counts to 10, as they’re annoyed by interruptions from ESPN SportsCenter’s 30 in 30.

• The GONZAGA BULLETIN bulldogs Rick Reilly for selling his soul to the Satan in Bristol:

Rick Reilly

• The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE learns it’s student against teacher in Corvallis, as Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh faces Oregon State and his old pro coach Mike Riley.• SPORTS REVIEW MAGAZINE gets a tip that Bill Callahan will be bought out by Nebraska at the end of the season.

Jonas Gray HS Recruit Switches Commit From Nebraska To Notre Dame

HIGH SCHOOL STAR DROPS HUSKERS FOR … NOTRE DAME? Sometimes life can be a little confusing and get the best of us. Consider the case of Detroit-area high school football player Jonas Gray. Gray is the top-ranked college recruit in the state and recently committed to Nebraska.

Jonas Gray

We all know the unfortunate tribulations that have befallen the ever-likable Bill Callahan & Co., so Gray this week decided to switch his commit to … (LONG pause) Notre Dame.The DETROIT NEWS reports that Gray, who selected Notre Dame over Michigan, cut ties with the Huskers because “he isn’t certain coach Bill Callahan will be back next season (and Gray) added that Nebraska’s mediocre start (4-4 this season) was not a factor in changing his commitment.”

Wow. That’s almost as bad as having to pick between Charlie Weis and Bill Callahan. Oh, wait.