LA Dodger Fans Are Developing A Bad Reputation

Stereotypes are a part of society that we’re never going to get rid of. Some of them are more deserved than others, but the vast majority of them are based on ignorance. Of course, stereotypes aren’t just limited to race, ethnicity, or a person’s culture. A lot of times a person will make a judgment on what type of person somebody is based solely on which sports team that person roots for.

I know in Chicago that these stereotypes are very strong. When you tell somebody your a Cubs fan, they tend to assume you’re a yuppie who doesn’t actually care about baseball, and that you just want to get drunk and be part of a scene. If you tell them you’re a White Sox fan, they’ll assume you’re a hooligan because a few years ago a couple of morons decided to attack a first base coach.

In Los Angeles, the only stereotype you would tend to hear about Dodgers fans is that they always showed up late to games, and didn’t really care. It’s not exactly a damaging opinion, but things are starting to change in Chavez Ravine, as Dodger fans are beginning to develop a whole new reputation.

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