Fox: Nebraska ‘Officially Offered’ Big 10 Invitation

Jeff Seeman of Fox Sports Ohio reports Wednesday:

Fox Sports Ohio Reports Nebraska Officially Invited To Big Ten

The Big Ten has officially offered an invitation to Nebraska.

Over the weekend, the Big 12 Conference demanded a loyalty pledge from all of its’ members, and only 9 teams complied. Two of the three holdouts, Nebraska and Missouri, were given until this Friday to decide if they wanted to stay in the league, and the ultimatum has apparently pushed the Huskers into the Big 10.

An official announcement is expected by Friday afternoon, but a press conference could be held as early as today.

Perhaps that explains the hastily arranged Nebraska Board of Regents conference call today. Read more…

CFB Update #1: Big 10 Team Finally Falters on FG

Last weekend, the Big Ten managed to escape a couple of embarrassing close calls, as Ohio State needed a 2-point conversion interception to get past Navy, while Iowa needed to block two field goal attempts in the final seconds to defeat Northern Iowa.

Dan LeFevour Michigan State

And wouldn’t you know it, some of the Big Ten’s big boys had their hands full against lesser competition again this weekend. Michigan State was expected to take care of in-state MAC foe Central Michigan without much problem. But the Chippewas had other ideas.

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Ana Ivanovic Becoming A New Anna Kournikova?

• Is Ana Ivanovic gradually turning into Anna Kournikova, at least in terms of tennis winnability?

Ana Ivanovic Anna Kournikova

• WNBA star Candace Parker says she’s conscious of what she eats. But she won’t remain conscious for long by scarfing down some In ‘n’ Out.

• Irate Irish fans use billboard to complain about Charlie Weis.

• Could the Big Ten be bringing a bowl game to Yankee Stadium?

A-Rod talks to teens about steroid abuse. Ironic or inspirational?

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Is It Time To Get Ready For The “Yankee Bowl?”

One of the knocks on the Big Ten recently has been their performance in bowl games. Nowhere was it more starkly evident than just last season, when the conference went 1-6 in bowl games. Iowa was the only team to notch a win, prevailing over utterly hopeless South Carolina.

Sad Yankees Fan
(”What’s with this football here, eh? Who are these guys in the pads? I want my Jeter!”)

But the gripe from the BXI has always been that aside from the Motor City Bowl in Detroit, the bowl games are essentially road games. The Rose Bowl date with the Pac-10 is in Pasadena, a scant couple miles from the USC campus. Up until this year, three of the conference’s bowl slots were in Florida - SEC country, basically - and the others were in Texas and Arizona. As a matter of fact, in none of the 7 games was the Big Ten team closer to the bowl site than their opponent. It usually wasn’t even close.

The Big Ten is looking to level that playing field just a little bit, though, and reports are that they’re looking hard at a site in New York. One tiny problem, though - there’s going to be lots of those guys in that picture above.

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The Big Ten Network Just Got A Lot Awesomer

Awesomer is a word. I don’t care if dictionaries are too good for it, it’s a word, and today, it describes the Big Ten Network quite perfectly.

Genuflect Before Gus Johnson

That’s because the BTN just announced that it is adding Gus Johnson to the college basketball team, instantly transforming a shoddy, low-rent organization into the best in the business. Gus Johnson is that good, and if you don’t believe me, A) you’re an idiot, and B) conclusive video evidence is after the jump. Read more…

Gator Playboy Playmate Calls Big Ten Girls Ugly

The SEC & Big Ten have developed quite a little rivalry between themselves. Obviously, much of it has to do with Ohio State being bested twice in the BCS title game by Florida & LSU. But now things are really heating up. And when we mean hot, we’re talking Playboy hot.

Kelly Carrington Playboy cover

The October issue of Hef’s mag comes out this Friday, with one of the pictorials featuring the Girls of the Big Ten. However, the cover girl for Friday’s edition isn’t hitting the books in Columbus or Ann Arbor, but in Gainesville. ‘Twas a public relations major from the University of Florida that was chosen to adorn the publication.

So, why a Gator gal instead of a Buckeye babe or Wolverine woman? As DEADSPIN hears from the hottie’s mouth, it’s because Big Ten girls aren’t pretty enough.

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