Man Quits Job To Start Ariz. Cardinals Fan Club

Dave Gilmore was a pretty successful salesman. The Arizona native had risen through the ranks to become a regional director of sales for a national hotel chain, a position high enough in the chain of command that he could safely feed his wife and three daughters, and still afford a relatively comfortable life in the desert. Then, en route to the Super Bowl, he decided that he needed to follow his passion. As chronicled in THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, he quit his day job to pursue his dream of creating a Cardinals fan club, and now The Big Red Army, complete with its new site, is now up and running.

big red army screenshot

(The newest entrant — well, almost only entrant — in the Cards blogosphere.)

It’s actually a sweet story, if it wasn’t for the fact that Gilmore’s timing makes the move borderline insane. Just think about the logistics here:

  • He’s trying to start a fan club that will support him solely via corporate sponsorship in the middle of an economic recession.
  • He has to provide for a family of five, with three young daughters (all of whom, incidentally, were born in the offseason to avoid conflicting with Cardinals games).
  • He has absolutely no fall-back income to support himself with if this fan club doesn’t work out.

Isn’t there some kind of a “three strikes and you’re out” policy with entrepreneurship or something?

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