Kid Forced To Kneel In Front Of Pitching Machine?

The BIRMINGHAM NEWS reports today that the baseball coach at something called Bevill State has been accused of forcing a gloveless player to kneel in front of a pitching machine.

Pitching Machine

(Who knew something that brings boundless joy to millions could be used for such an (alleged) DASTARDLY DEED)

The player’s grandfather, Fred Hambrecht, told the News that his grandson Shawn Rider was being punished for having lied about why he missed a recent practice. Hambrecht said that Rider’s coach Ed Langham then forced the player “to put on a catcher’s mask and chest protector and kneel about 45 feet from a pitching machine without a glove. With the player holding his hands behind his back, Langham dispatched “80-, 90-mile-per-hour fastballs” from the machine.

Rider ended up in the hospital. The he player’s mother, Debbie Rider, “said she saw photos of multiple bruises on the left elbow, left bicep and left shoulder of her son Shawn, as well as on both collarbones and his right elbow. He underwent an MRI on Monday, she said.

OK, that’s pretty damn hardcore. But amazingly, the school has done nothing with Langhman and the presiding district attorney and the city prosecutor aren’t exactly pressing the issue either. Read more…