Florida Opens Season As Trillion-Point Favorites

We do not condone gambling. Except where it’s legal, but even then, bet with your head, not over it. That’s what the commercials tell us, anyway. But if you enjoy following sports lines for non-monetary, recreational purposes (and who doesn’t like that more than wagering money, areweright??), then there’s probably no more fascinating sport to watch than college football, where lines can vary from straight-up to, in rare cases, over 50 points. Oh, and everywhere inbetween. It makes even the most laughable of blowouts interesting.

Tim Tebow all muddy
(The game got out of hand when Tebow ripped the linebacker to shreds with his bare hands.)

But then there’s situations like what we’ve got in Gainesville. The defending champion Florida Gators open their season with perennial whipping boys Charleston Southern, who annually appear on a I-A schedule or two, only to get destroyed by about eight touchdowns. Florida, though, is not your ordinary team, and they’re notorious for running up the score in early games. So to that end, the USA TODAY has, essentially, predicted one of the worst beatings of the decade and made it the line for the game.

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Bloomberg: NFL Loses $1.5B+ By Ignoring Betting

Like everywhere else, the NFL needs to find new revenue streams to ward off recession and accommodate new expenses for things like paying medical benefits for veterans. It’s hard to see how they’ll be able to do it given the current economic climate, unless you take a suggestion from a BLOOMBERG editorial written by Joe Saumarez-Smith into consideration. Saumarez-Smith claims that, by licensing betting on the league’s games, the NFL could easily net $1.5 billion per year … as a starting point.

football gambling

Granted, Saumarez-Smith has his own interests in mind; he’s the CEO of Sports Gaming, a British management consulting firm to the gaming industry. But he does make a number of important points, not the least of which is pure logic: Why should the league allow bets to be made in Las Vegas but not everywhere? All it would take is licensing casinos in other states to allow betting on NFL games. It’s not a hard thing to do.

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Brewers Fan Loses Bet; Forced to go Homeless

The Milwaukee Brewers’ 83 wins in 2007 was the franchise’s most since 1992. While the season was considered a success by many, the Brew Crew still fell two wins short of the pennant winning Chicago Cubs and more importantly to Chris Jollay, four wins short of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Homeless guy with sign

WUSA9.COM tells the story of Jollay, a 36 year-old Brewers fan who lives in Alexandria, VA, who bet his college friend David Christman, a Phillies fan before the 2007 season. If the Brewers ended the season with more wins, Jollay would get to move in to Christman’s house and get home cooked meals from the Phillie fan’s wife while Christman would have to live in Jollay’s apartment. If the Phillies won more games, Jollay would have to go homeless in Washington D.C. for a week. Read more…