Track Athletes Lay Waste To Bouncers In Berlin

POP QUIZ: Suppose you and some friends are out in Berlin (Berlin!) late at night, and the bouncer won’t let you into the club of your choice on account of overcrowding in the place. Do you A: wait patiently, B: find a different bar to go to, or C: try to bribe the bouncer into looking the other way for a moment or two?

Bershawn Johnson
(It’s just A, B, or C, sir. You’ve got that look in your eye that says D, and that worries us.)

Oh, hmm, we see you’ve added a D bubble and filled that in. Let’s go back to the test booklet and… yes, you’ve written in your own answer in purple crayon, and it says “throw bottles at the doormen and start a war.” You just had to freelance the answer on a multiple choice quiz, didn’t you? Gentlemen, that’s obviously the incorrect answer, and not only do you get no points, but you get arrested and almost certainly suspended by the IAAF. Wow.

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