Bernard Pollard Almost Repeats History On Cassel

Under new GM Scott Pioli, the Kansas City Chiefs have become a sort of western outpost of former New England Patriots this offseason. Not that this is a bad thing, of course; the former Pats VP had what some might call a “pretty good track record” out in Boston, and the Chiefs have been going nowhere for the better part of the past two decades.

Tom Brady Bernard Pollard

One of Pioli’s biggest acquisitions this offseason was Patriots QB Matt Cassel, who was thrust into the spotlight last year after - we’re getting to the point here - Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard became Boston Public Enemy Number One by shredding dreamboat QB Tom Brady’s knee. Earlier this year, SbB’s Tom “5k” Fornelli said that Cassel should be thanking Pollard for giving him the opportunity to show his stuff.

Well, however Cassel went about thanking Pollard, it clearly didn’t impress him, as Pollard almost shredded his new, less-dreamy-but-still-starting QB’s knee last week in practice. Oops.

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Cassel Thanks Co-Chief; Gisele’s Wedding Dress

• New KC Chief Matt Cassel would like to thank new teammate Bernard Pollard for giving him his big break by breaking Tom Brady.

Matt Cassel Gisele wedding dress

• Speaking of the Pats’ QB, a new exclusive but blurry photo has emerged of the new Mrs. Brady in her wedding dress.

• A book from a minor leaguer-turned-medical man is lies, all lies!

• Man U’s soccer goalie credits his game-winning saves to an iPod.

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Matt Cassel Would Like To Thank Bernard Pollard

Last season turned out to be a pretty magical one for Matt Cassel. He went from being a career backup to guys like Matt Leinart while at USC and Tom Brady while playing for the Patriots, to the starting quarterback in New England, finishing 11-5 and just missing the playoffs. He was then rewarded for being competent by getting franchised by the Patriots to the tune of $14.65 million to back up Brady again next season.

Then Matt was traded over the weekend to the Kansas City Chiefs, which is pretty ironic when you think about it  After all, the only reason Cassel got a chance to play in 2008 was because the Chiefs’ Bernard Pollard took out Tom Brady’s knee in Week One, ending the Golden Boy’s season. So now that Cassel and Pollard are teammates, Matt knows what he has to do.

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Anna Rawson 1st In Our Hearts, 1st On The Board

Anna Rawson, 150th on the money list but 1st on our hot list, finished on top of the leaderboard after the first round of the Bell Micro Classic.

Anna Rawson bikini

Feel free to call her up to offer some congratulations.

Terrell Owens says it could’ve worked out with him & Donovan McNabb, but the Eagles QB was just too jealous of T.O.’s star power.

• Looks like Rutgers has rolled back to his rotten football ways. How’s that new stadium funding coming?

• Set a place for Sidney Crosby at your dinner table, ’cause he’s coming over with your Penguins season tickets.

• The Patriots are fuming over the latest fashion statement celebrating Bernard Pollard’s takedown of Tom Brady.

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Pats P.O.’ed Over Shirts Celebrating Brady Bruiser

When death and destruction rain down, you just know someone’s going to find a way to exploit it shamelessly for profit: It’s the American way. So it’s not surprising that the entrepreneurial spirit hit after Tom Brady got knocked out for the year. In this case, it’s a little company called Believe Merch, who are printing out “Bernard Pollard Fan Club” T-shirts.

Bernard Pollard fan club T-shirt

Pollard - who’s actual nickname is “The Bonecrusher” - is the young tyke who ran into Tom Brady’s leg last week, ending his, the Patriots, and about 5 million fantasy team seasons in the process.

And as you can imagine, certain members of the Pats aren’t too pleased with the tees. (That totally rhymes!)

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Gisele Bundchen Will Be The Death Of Tom Brady

As New England Patriots fans ponder their existence without Tom Brady, they’re looking for someone to place the blame on for Brady’s torn ACL. Obviously, the popular target of blame is Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard. Pollard is the one who knocked Brady out, but the NFL has already said there was nothing dirty about the hit. So if Patriots fans can’t blame Pollard, who can they blame?

Yep, it’s all Gisele Bundchen’s fault. Why ever since she came into Tommy’s life, things have just started going downhill for the golden boy.

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