Blog-O-Rama: ADHD In Baseball; Repeat That?

STEROID NATION has a look at ADHD drugs as they pertain to baseball.

YOU BEEN BLINDED says Stephen A. Smith wants the draft rigged in favor of the Knicks. Like that would ever happen (cough: Patrick Ewing).

Stephen A. Smith makeup

DEUCE OF DAVENPORT breaks down the Bernard Hopkins beat down. Read more…

Blog-O-RamAWK!: Pirates’ Parrot Shakes It On TV

• Fowl play: The Pittsburgh Pirates’ parrot makes the most of his TV time.

• Meanwhile, JOE SPORTS FAN catches the Chicago Cubs with some animals of their own at Wrigley.

• The biggest thrill of winning The Masters - Is it the prestige? The money? The green jackets? No, it’s reading David Letterman’s Top Ten List.

• Football fans, get ready to find out who & when your teams plays, as the NFL will release its 2008 schedule at 2 p.m. Eastern today.

Read more…