Dolphins Cheerleaders Unveil New Bikini Calendar

• A hip-hop remix of the team’s fight song by T-Pain can’t ruin the joy of the release of a new Miami Dolphins cheerleader bikini calendar.

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

• The NFL preseason is underway, and Sunday’s opener was pretty uneventful - save for the most perfectly executed fake punt you’ll likely see.

• Another Michigan Wolverine is off the team. It has to be RichRod’s fault, and not that failed cocaine deal-turned-dorm arson attempt.

• Ohio State LB Tyler Moeller is out for the season after suffering seizures this past weekend.

• The SEC is turning into MLB when it comes to new rules of broadcasting highlights & online media of its games.

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From Terror Suspects To Bermuda Carl Spacklers

Let this be a lesson to all of you prospective terrorists out there. Threaten the United States and our freedoms with your subversive ways, and we’ll toss your butt in Guantanamo Bay and throw away the key. Until, that is, we let you go and give you a job in Bermuda.

But limited health benefits, and no dental! (That’ll teach ‘em). Four members of China’s Muslim Uighur minority (two of which, Ablakim Turahun, left, and Abdulla Abdulqadir shown above), who were held by the U.S. for seven years as suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been released to Bermuda, where they’ve been given jobs tending the Port Royal golf course. That of course is home to the PGA’s Grand Slam. Read more…