NFL TE Utecht Wants To Soft Rock You For Christ

Athletes trying to become musicians is hardly new, as anyone who has seen or heard Terry Bradshaw’s attempts to become a country star in the 1970s can attest. But Bengals tight end Ben Utecht - previously known as “that Colts TE who isn’t Dallas Clark” - is going for a different audience: the Christian rock set. Well, not so much “rock” as “pop rock” - think less Creed and more D.C. Talk.

Ben Utecht

CM SPIN says that Utecht has released his eponymous debut album with the intent of spreading joy and his Christian faith. And I used the word “attempt” because listening to some of the tracks available on his Web site, I simply have this to say: I’ve heard Stryper, I’ve seen Stryper, and you, sir, are no Stryper.

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Blog-A-Rhythm: British Lesbians Love Sharapova

• THAINDIAN NEWS serves up word that of all the tennis temptresses out there, Maria Sharapova is the most lusted-after among British lesbians.

Maria Sharapova

Guess Maria won’t make it out to any Mariners games anytime soon.

• WRESTLING NEWS DESK slams down a challenge from Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, who wants to know who’s been bad-mouthing her to TNA.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC gets behind the idea of buying the wife or girlfriend the new Wii Fit.

• ESPN’s HASHMARKS is on cloud nine, as ex-Colts TE Ben Utecht has supposedly found his “dream job” with the Bengals.

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