Sheets Almost On Fire; Clemens Feeling Snubbed

• Brewers fans were hoping Ben Sheets would get fired up for the postseason run, but probably not in this way.

Ben Sheets Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens is “heartbroken” that he was left out of the Yankee Stadium finale’s honor roll.

• Your 2009 BCS championship game - Wisconsin vs. Utah?!

• A church in Michigan hopes to boost attendance by allowing parishoners to put on sports jerseys for the Sunday services.

• Another wardrobe malfunction for the Idaho Vandals - first, the football players have ‘I’s on their butts, and now the school thinks its cheerleaders are too scantily clad.

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Ben Johnson Wants To Remind You He Cheated

STEROID NATION reports that Ben Johnson, perhaps inspired by the literary masterpieces from the pen of Jose Canseco, will be writing his own autobiography. Tentatively titled Seoul to Soul, it’s sure to be a compelling, honest look at his steroid-induced rise to fame and fall from grace after dusting Carl Lewis in the 100 meters at the 1988 Summer Olympics. Or, it could be page after page of him again refusing to take the blame.

Ben Johnson

I feel like I’ve seen some version of this story a hundred times now, and I have a hard time believing that Johnson’s story is going to be fresh or relevant. However, there is way that Johnson can take his “disgraced athlete tell-all book” and make it stand out while reaching a new market: pop-up books for children.

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Bolt Zaps Field To Become World’s Fastest Man

Saturday’s men’s 100-meter final was expected to be one of the marquee event of the Beijing Games, with a fast and incredibly close finish expected between Usain Bolt and Usafa Powell of Jamaica and American Tyson Gay. Instead, Bolt turned it into a rout, setting a world record of 9.69 while winning by two-tenths of a second, the largest margin of victory in the event in the last 40 years of the Olympics.

Usain Bolt

And oh yeah, he apparently did it with one of his shoes untied.

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Blog Jam: Michael Phelps’ Thug Motivation 101