Harvin Shares Sordid Gator Tales With UF Recruits

• Smoking pot, partying with coeds, choking out assistant coaches - Percy Harvin sure knows how to sell the Florida Gators to recruits.

Percy Harvin Florida Gators

Tiger Woods ends the Buick Open with a big bang - from his pants! And like Nike did with the LeBron dunk, the PGA tries to remove all video.

• Beer pong with babies & shotgunning brewskis with toddlers - now that’s good parenting!

• Time to go outside, as the Arena Football League is officially folding.

Fergie Jenkins recalls the fun traveling with the Cubs during the days of segregation - such has having to sleep at funeral homes & bordellos.

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Parents Take Underage Beer Pong To Extremes

Next January, drunk college kids from around the country will converge on Las Vegas for the fifth edition of the World Series of Beer Pong. Yes, that game you played in college on a salvaged ping-pong table in your fraternity basement has somehow morphed into an actual, sanctioned pub sport, next to darts and pool. Bars across the country host beer pong leagues, Greg Oden plays it, even Rick Reilly dropped the dental jokes long enough to write about it for ESPN.

Beer Pong Baby


But just because it’s reached legitimacy in the minds of drunkards and Rick Reilly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful playing it. Alcohol can be a dangerous drug, and beer pong can lead to some serious trouble if its participants are careless or stupid. For example, playing beer pong while holding a baby: careless. Uploading a YouTube video of you playing beer pong while holding a baby: very, very stupid. Video, of course, after the jump.

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Erin Andrews Gets Caught In A Cosby Sandwich

Erin Andrews spends the NFL Draft surrounded by Cosbys (Quan & Dr. Bill, respectively), and hilarity ensues.

Erin Andrews Bill Cosby Quan Cosby

(Can’t you just feel the excitement?)

Jacoby Ellsbury steals home, Red Sox steal three straight from Yankees.

• It seems that NASCAR won’t be happy until somebody gets killed.

• Beer pong? Budweiser wants in on the upcoming table tennis craze.

Kobe wanted complete creative control over Spike Lee’s day-in-the-life documentary about him.

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Blog-A-Roni: Searching For The Next Jennie Finch

• THE ANGRY T pitches their tent at the College Softball World Series, as they search for the next Jennie Finch.

Jennie Finch bikini

As if there could be any other.

• DEADSPIN takes a leap of faith with this old shirtless guy diving on a beer pong table.

• KISSING SUZY KOLBER hails to the Chief, as they believe in Brodie Croyle.

• PART MULE tries to work out how Tiger Woods could be named the fittest American.

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