You Set Beer Limits At Your Own Peril, Maryland

The Maryland Terrapins have overhauled their college football stadium for 2009. If I were a late night television host, I would have said that sentence, literally one person in the audience would have cheered for the mention of the Terps, and we’d get one of those funny, weird vibes in the room that makes other people laugh and then I can joke about one person liking Maryland. I guess what I’m saying is Maryland is marginally popular to the point of amusement.

Maryland's new stadium
(Architecture! Renovation! Improvement! Now the team will win more games for sure!)

But we’re getting off track already. Renovated stadium for Maryland, and like all new BCS-level stadia, it’s going to feature luxury suites. Good! And the luxury suites are going to have beer and wine. Better! And it’s going to be strictly limited! Best! Bad news.

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