Ryan Howard To Nab Endorsements, Beer Cans

Had to post this video which was originally unearthed by Kevin Kaduk at BIG LEAGUE STEW:

Ryan Howard Beer Can Catch

Along with beer cans, Greg Johnson of the LOS ANGELES TIMES blogs that Howard will be the Phillies player to most benefit biz-wise from the World Series win:

The NL MVP in 2006, he delivers awesome slugging power at the plate, and impressive selling power on camera. Still under 30, his endorsement resume includes national TV spots for Subway, Powerade and adidas, plus cover-boy roles for Topps baseball cards and Sony’s MLB ’08 The Show videogame. Articulate, charismatic and smooth on camera, Howard could pitch any powerful product—from trucks to power tools, PCs to smart phones. And his impressive nose might work well in a Kleenex or cold remedy demo.

More importantly, video of Howard’s beer backhand after the jump (two angles!): Read more…